Manly faucet for dishwasher in chief?

kksmamaJune 19, 2013

Like many spouses of TKO GW addcits, my dh has exhibited commendable patience. I summon him numerous times per day ("hold this tape measure, please"), ask for and then disregard his opinions, and stay up till all hours surfing Houzz without him complaining.

He doesn't expect to get much that he likes out of this remodel. But we are both thrilled that we'll have 2 sinks and understand clearly that the "clean-up" one by the dishwasher is "his." And tonight he admits, a little sheepishly, that he would really like a big commercial looking faucet. I dislike the idea, but not enough to say no to him if I can get a good deal on a quality faucet. He'll have a Blanco Precis cascade (29" wide) sink.

Suggestions, please? He saw this one for $200, but I'm skeptical about the quality.

Here is a link that might be useful: Premier Essen Single-Handle Commercial-Style Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

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Chicago Faucets are commercial faucets and make pre-rinse faucets manly enough to be in many a commercial kitchen. Why, even the back of McDonald's has them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chicago pre-rinse

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SeatleCraftsman, I have raised my eyebrow at my middle aged professional longing for the McDonalds faucet of his youth, but that is another discussion.
I built something at Chicago Faucets website that I'm sure is lovely - but it was also $900. Any other ideas? I found a few mentions here of Vigo and Kraus. Anyone else have suggestions, experience, or shopping tips?

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I'm looking at the Blanco Meridian (model 440557). See link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Blanco Meridian

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I have no suggestions for these faucets, but want to tell you about a recent experience using one. We stayed in a really nice VRBO house that had a 36" apron sink with a commercial faucet and were not happy with it.

The faucet did not pull out far enough to make it easy to spray the far edges of the sink. In fact, it was difficult to spray anything not within 12" either side of the faucet base. That made it difficult to rinse food scraps down the drain and to rinse the sink to keep it clean.

In the apron sink, the water splashed out badly. We consistenly had wet tummies after using the faucet. And water on the floor and down the front of the cabinet.

The only positive was that the faucet was up really high so we could bathe our new grandson in the sink very easily.

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I have had this one marked for our remodel - has very good reviews. We have put in 3 Danze faucets over the past 5 years or so and have been very pleased with the quality.

Here is a link that might be useful: Danze

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Here is one I think he will like...very manly! I love it, and use it a lot cooking and cleaning up for my family of six. It's made by Kraus and costs $300. Lots of great features and definitely does not feel cheap. Powerful spray, ability to lock on spray-only, or use spray and faucet or faucet only. If you search, you can find videos of it in action.

I didn't buy it at Overstock, but it was the first link that popped up when I searched.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kraus faucet

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Love your kitchen, bowyer123, just went back and enjoyed the reveal thread again. DH's sink is on a wall, with cabinets above - they are higher than adjacent cabs but I'm not sure they are high enough. The Kraus looks like a great choice though.
Cindy, thanks for sharing your experience. I'm going to try not to hate this thing, because DH is only getting more enthusiastic as I research. I don't think we'll have grandchildren for quite a while, but mentally photoshopping a cute baby into that sink might help me!
Pheasantfarmer and tmy_jax, thank you for the suggestions, I'm checking them all out.

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This was my husband's choice of a faucet for our Chief Dishwasher. He wanted one a bit taller and more "industrial" but this one looked like it was more the right size for us and it's by Blanco. Works really well and hits all of the corners of the 36" single bowl sink.

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Firsthouse, I really like that! It has been discontinued but I found it on Amazon. DH doesn't want to compromise on the commercial "grab and spray" function, so my search continues...

I ordered the Kraus, but I have every intention of returning it unopened to Lowe's if I find a better solution. I have time.

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Yikes, one month later and I don't yet have faucets. I returned the Kraus, it was too large for the space given that I'll have cabinets above the sink (which faces a wall).

So...I think I'm back to the Blanco Meridian. Any updates from those who have it? Or any new options to consider? I wish I could wait for the Grohe K7 medium, but no one seems to have pricing or availability on that one, yet.

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Kohler Karbon

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