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Considering Marmoleum and know a little about its installation etc, but has anyone real knowledge about its wear? I am looking for a neutral shade, off white or silvery blue and I can't seem to find it in the click series. However, I may go with the sheets instead of the click. Has anyone some experience with either that they can share with me?

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We had sheet Marmoleum put down in our master bathroom last summer. It's nearly a year old at this point and we are quite happy with it. It is a pale grey color. Master bath wear is nothing like kitchen wear of course. Ours looks as good as the day it was installed though. And it feels so much better under my bare feet than tile.

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Thank you Cri. I am also looking for a pale grey or blue and wonder if you remember the exact name. I saw Silver Shadow the other day and wish I had a sample to take home. Perhaps I'll see if another place will order a sample for me. Do you remember the name of yours?
Thank you.

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Petty sure I have moonstone. I ordered a bunch of samples free from the maker's website. It was very helpful to see the colors in the right light and have them to hold up to the soapstone countertop. I chose a different one than I had anticipated--went lighter in color because it looked best with the soapstone remanant our contractor found.

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I installed Marmoleum sheet in my previous kitchen (color: Rosato) and I just LOVED it! My advice is if you decide to get it, you want a very experienced installer and you want to make sure the heat weld the seams.

I have never felt anything better under my tootsies! Like walking on velvet.

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We have sheet marmoleoum installed in the large common space of our complex. It gets heavy use including tables and chairs being dragged around, etc. Also in the heavy used laundry room (cleaning solution spills, machines moved, etc.).

Make sure prep is done properly. Ours wasn't and resulted in a wrinkle in the sheet - maybe caused by the thinset drying unevenly?? Not sure.

It's a lovely surface - things don't break, it's easy to clean, and relatively quiet. After 12 years there are scratches and signs of wear, but it can (and should) be regularly refreshed - stripping, waxing, and buffing. Definitely inform yourself as to what would be involved with that.

I'm definitely in favour of continuous flooring in open concept spaces, but if I had a closed-in kitchen marmoleum would be a top contender.

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We have sheet Marmoleum in downstairs bath and kitchen. It has been over 10 years and it looks like new, but we are not that hard on things. I've never heard of stripping and waxing it. I use the Forbo cleaner followed by their "conditioner" or whatever they call it, which restores the slight sheen. If you get down low in the right light, you can see some scratches, but it's held up extremely well.

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We had marmoleum sheet installed in our kitchen 6 years ago. It shows no wear, is wonderful under bare feet, doesn't outgas, resists dirt, cleans up easily -- would not have anything else. I use the Forbo cleaner once in awhile, but a damp mop is usually all that's needed. Walking on it makes my feet happy! you will have a seam, because it's not as wide as most vinyl flooring. if that bothers you a lot, choose something else. With proper installation, we've had no issue.

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I had click installed about 2 years ago. It was immediately scratched when we pushed the stove in, and the scratches were a different colour from the marmoleum. Friends of mine also installed marmoleum click and they've had scratches. (Funny that they only cautioned me about the durability of it AFTER I'd already installed it).

I would get the sheet marmoleum. I think it's a thick layer of the stuff, is it not? (The click has a cork underside.)

The feel is so, so, nice. It's warm and smooth.

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I'm hoping to put in sheet marmoleum, with a cork underlay. Any concerns I should be aware of?

I need to have it glued down because it will be butting up to the hardwood in the open concept main floor. (I want different flooring in part to help differentiate the spaces.) Apparently glueing down will eliminate the need for a transition strip.

I've been told this is possible by a salesman. Any comments?

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I also have Marmoleum (sheet) and love it for all the reasons above. Our architect recommended that we go with sheet as opposed to the click because they have known people who went with the click to have issues with water getting in the seams and causing problems. I never read about anyone having those sorts of problems but we did end up going with the sheet anyway. As far as the color goes, you can order teeny tiny samples from Forbo, but we got much bigger samples from our local dealer. I definitely recommend getting the biggest samples you can because I have been surprised to see how the colors look on a large scale. For example, thereâÂÂs a kitchen in my neighborhood with Marmoleum in Eternity, which to me looked like a nice neutral gray, but it looks totally, totally blue in this kitchen. (We went with Volcanic Ash.)

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Our sheet marmoleum has been in for about 3 years, and it's been great for all the reasons others have mentioned.
It's somewhat anti-static, so most dirt doesn't even stick to it. And that's with a dog who has her own dog door, and goes in and out all day.
Ours is not a neutral color, however (Asian Tiger), but it transitions well to our red oak hardwood floor.

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