Should I make Lowes replace the cabinet or use a filler?

frontJune 22, 2014

The picture below is of a blind corner cabinet. I designed it to not have a filler next to the refrigerator panel. I was trying to cut down on fillers, so it would look more custom. The installer didn't follow the plans and now there is a gap. He says he can use a filler. My other option is to have it replaced. We can not move the cabinet over, because he drilled holes through the face frame to connect it to the 90 degree run of cabinets.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it will look better with the filler? Either way I will have to add a restrictor on one of the doors to keep the handles from banging against the adjacent cabinet.

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Let me see if I understand correctly:

The blind corner cabinet that you ordered is not as long as the space from the fridge surround to the wall, so you wanted it mounted flush with the fridge. Instead, it was mounted flush to the wall. Is that right?

Since it isn't a custom fit, you will have filler. It's a big enough gap that it would probably look better if you split the difference - move the blind corner cabinet a bit to the left, and add a bit of filler (where "a bit" is equal).

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Unfortunately, it can't be moved over. There are holes drilled into face frame that prevent it from being moved over. They are willing to make another one.

Yes, the cabinet isn't long enough to reach the wall. I'm just trying to figure out what will look better.

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I think it will look just fine with the filler... as you said, you will have to add a restrictor on one of the doors no matter what you do.

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I think a filler is a good idea to give you a little bit more leeway to open the cabinet door and I think it will look nice too.

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I agree with jerzeegirl. I used a filler on a door that opened against a wall and I'm glad I did ... once you add the hardware to your door it will give you a little more room for opening the door fully. I think it will look fine, too.

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Filler and fergeter.

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You'll need a filler so that your knob or handle won't bang into the side of the oven cabinet.

FYI people - no fillers does not necessarily equal custom or even fine cabinetry. Sometimes they are necessary. regardless of what size cabinet can be made.

For me, the fact that those doors are not full overlay or inset is a bigger giveaway to a mid range kitchen than anything else. Also the fact that the oven won't align with the doors is another clue.

Don't get me wrong - those are fine lookin cabinets. It's just that you have been sold a bill of goods that "no fillers" equals supercalifragilistic.

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You worked hard on your layout and your cabinets are beautiful. If you're not happy, replace the cab. I have a special Blum hinge on my cabinet that stops the door perfectly perpendicular to the cabinet. I don't have a filler and don't need to open the door further to use the cabinet. So it's totally unnecessary--as are the previous comments about your cabinets.

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i would just do the filler. i doubt you will notice after living with it awhile and most kitchens have a filler somewhere so it won't be abnormal.
i have a question for you, where are you getting your hinge restrictor? i have an upper and lower cab that open into a wall even with a filler and my kd didn't mention a hinge restrictor.
also it looks very pretty do far!

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I had completely custom cabinets and needed fillers precisely for the reasons mentioned above - so doors and drawers could open properly - it's not a big deal.

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Most fillers are hardly noticeable. My husband installed our cabinets and he used a filler in one place and didn't tell me until later. I didn't even notice it. I think your installer should have showed you the gap before drilling holes in the face of the cabinet. He must have seen there would be a gap.

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Xedos- that was uncalled for.

To, essentially tell OP that, no matter how much money and effort they have put into getting their dream kitchen, it is still not "good enough" is harsh.

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