Knob placement on trash pull out cabinet

mileadayJune 15, 2009

I'm getting ready to install my kitchen cabinet hardware and can't decide what to do on the trash basket cabinet. I have a combination of knobs and cup pulls to use on various cabinets and drawers. The trash pull out is an 18" cabinet that pulls straight out but looks like a regular swing door. There is a drawer above it. It looks like it should have the knob at the corner of the door but it seems weird to pull it straight out with that position of knob placement. The cup pull seems like it would work better for pulling but doesn't look right to me when I place it on the front of the cabinet. What have the rest of you done? Pics would be great. Thanks

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Generally they go in the middle. However, a client of mine wanted it mounted in the corner like a door knob. In fact she used a small cabinet latch, which is what is on all her doors. Even though it is in the corner and a small pull to grab onto, and it is on a large pullout, it works fine. It feels a bit odd, but it is not hard to open.

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Please excuse the lousy picture and messy kitchen that is not completely finished  but I hope this helps.

The "doors" below the sink? They are really pull outs  one for trash and one for recycling.

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I would do exactly as palimpset and geri have said. In the middle of the cabinet. In my head it signals, "pull out," and it doesn't look weird at all.

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It doesnÂt show in my picture  but the handle is in the exact same place as my other deeper drawers.

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Sorry, but what I failed to mention was that the cabinet style of a raised panel door does not allow enough room to place the cup pull on the outer edge. And even if it did, that pull would then be a couple of inches higher than the pull on the drawer that is next to it. Putting it on the panel doesn't seem right to me either. So, I guess I need to see the placement on a raised panel cabinet door to help me decide before I get out the drill.

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How about this then?

We have a combination of knobs and pulls. Knobs are across the top row of everything and pulls are on the bottom 2 drawers of all our 3 drawer lower cabs.

On the garbage, we did a pull in the middle, but higher than where it is on the drawers.

Sounds like your situation.

I couldn't see doing either a knob on the corner of the garbage, I think that would feel weird to pull out. The choice then was knob or pull centered and I think the pull is just more functional for garbage pull out, so we went with that.

I think it looks fine.

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Mileady - I have the same situation you do with trim on the door, knobs, and bin pulls. One idea I don't mind is to put the knob in the middle. The other I'm tossing around is to buy two handles that go with my other hardware - one for a horizontal cabinet with a hydraulic hinge that needs to pull "up" and one for the trash pull out.

I also have a cookbook shelf turned to the side on the end of a run of cabinets, which means there is a false door on the front. Of course that door needs a pull of some sort, but I keep imagining someone coming over and yanking on it thinking it's functional.

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I have cup pulls on drawers and glass knobs on doors. My cab style and trash pull out sound just like yours. I have a knob on my raised panel cab front trash pull out and we placed it right in the middle of the outer "rail" (while the regular cab doors have the knob in the corner). I don't have a good pic of that online, so I'll see what I have at home and try to post one for you later today.

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we have raised panel doors and drawers. the drawer above pullout has a 4 1/2 inch pull in the middle, the trash/recycling pullout has a knob on the top rail in the middle. sorry, I don't have a good picture of this...will get one for you!

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The photo quality stinks, but here's a picture of my trash pull out. I actually re-ordered my door since, before it was a trash pull out, it had the knob in the corner and I didn't want that. This knob is great for high use (it's a Top Knob) and is different from the other knobs and pulls in the kitchen.

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OK, finally had a minute to post a pic. The trash pull out is the one on the right with the knob in the center. HTH.

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Also just getting around to post pictures of what I have, which seems to go against the trend. This was an issue that I was undecided about, so I ended up going with what the KD and GC recommended...knobs on the corner to make the door panel look like a door. So far it's been fine. Sorry for the poor quality pics.

Cabinet on the right is trash

Double recycle bin

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My mom has hers like kimkitchy, in the middle. Looks fine.

nhbaskets, love your cabinets ... so pretty! I'm trying to remember what brand you have ... was it Plain & Fancy?

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erikanh, yes, they are P&F. I love them so far. We're winding down on our remodel (the painters are here!), so I'll be posting completed pictures sometime soon.

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