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abbey_cnyJune 8, 2012

I went shopping for granite today (lots of fun!) and the salesperson recommended I consider under cabinet plugs to replace the outlets in my back splash since it will be a continuation of my granite on the counter top. So I was wondering how inconspicuous under cabinet outlets are? I will have molding on the bottom of the cabinets which I guess will at least cover it up somewhat, but how much? And does anyone have a particular brand of the plug mold they can recommend I get (or not get?) Thanks for the assistance; I have been reading this site off and on for years and it is very exciting to finally start my own kitchen remodel.


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Depends on the style. I will post a picture of ours. It looks great - although I did keep a few standard plugs

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I would love to see a picture too. I tried to talk DH into this but noooooooooo he had to have all these outlets.

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catlover, I'm a DH. Tell your DH that with plugmold you can have more plugs than regular outlets and they're spread across the work area...like a workshop or mechanics garage. Blenders and mixers = POWERTOOLS! :)

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LOL - but very true. A kitchen is really just a fancy and clean workshop where we make food.

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I have (angled) "Plugmold" plus I have light rail. It's hidden while standing (unless you are quite short) but slightly visible when sitting down - again, the shorter you are, the more you'll see.

Closeup of angled "Plugmold":

View when standing:

View when seated at peninsula at counter-height:

View when seated in DR at table-height:

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Great photos buehl. Is your plugmold from one end of the cabinet to the other? Is the angled easier to plug into?

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great pix. This gives me a good idea of what it will look like. Is there any particular advantage to the angled plug mold over the non angled variety?


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We went with a very simple plug mold and had the electrician/GC mount at a 45 degree angle. I chose black as thought it would blend the best.
Looking straight on with the bottom cabinet molding - you cant see the plugmold at all. You can see if you are a kid or very short....

I did put a few on the backsplash area as I was a bit chicken but not at code level... I was also concerned on how difficult GFCI would be to plug in - really wasn't necessary to add the extras. The only down side - you do have cord pigtails.

PS - Still ABSS (All but backsplash) but making progress.

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Plug mold is great for keeping outlets out of your granite backsplash.

I also didn't want outlets in my backsplash. My cabinetmaker (in Penn Yan, BTW) showed me how he could use low-profile receptacles embedded in the bottom of the cabinet (facing down to the counter.) Then he puts in a false bottom inside the cab. You only lose about an inch of space inside the cab, and the look is very neat. No bump inside the cab.

The plugmold will give you more flexibility and more outlets, but this is another way to do it.

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I have plugmold and I regret not putting in a few receptacles especially behind the appliances I keep plugged in all the time eg phone, ipod speakers, digital frames. These have ugly cords trailing up to the plugmold.

You can get covers made from your granite so it makes the receptacles slightly less obvious. You can also put them really low down on the wall so they are hidden by the appliance in front of it.

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Loves - I think I will be happy that I did put a few into the backsplash area - thanks for confirming my thoughts - The coffee maker does have one behind it - I have it plugged into the PG for the picture.

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