Electrolux owners, have the problems been resolved?

sreedesqJune 8, 2013


I am remodeling and considering two Electrolux items.

1. The 27 inch double ovens with wave touch electric/convection. Model EW27EW65G

2. Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator with IQ Touch Controls. Model EI23BC65K

Upon reading reviews from about two years ago, I see there were problems with the self-clean, convection, electronics panel on the ovens and the ice maker and temperature setting on the fridge. I would like to hear from those who purchased comparable Electrolux models within the past year or so if these issues have been resolved and if they are happy with their purchase.

I am open to suggestions. I am limited to a 27 inch oven and a counter depth fridge that's case is not higher than 69.5. I can afford Electrolux, but not a pricier brand like Wolf.

Thanks in advance :)

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I have an elux fridge and love it. I chose not to do ice/water through the door which was a change for me as I wanted to maximize fridge space and the ice storage was microscopic
I don't remember the model but I have LED lights and the perfect temp drawer

When DD passed away, I did not even think to empty the fridge. I returned 2 weeks later- milk was fine, lettuce was fine,etc

I initially had a valve problem which took elux 2 tries to figure out - but no problems since that time.

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I also have an Elux fridge with water and ice in the door. Love it, lots of space, and love the perfect temp drawer. It's the wave touch (the one where the icons are always visible), and it's still pretty fancy for being the least expensive of the bunch. Seems to keep our food cold, the water that comes out isn't really cold, just cool, but I don't like cold water anyways, don't know if this is a problem or not.

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Thanks so much for replying! It seems like maybe they have improved. I think the only decision I have to make now is whether to get the ice/water in the door. It's something I use a lot now. But, if I am limited to a counter depth then I may need to sacrifice it for more storage.


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We have very cold water coming into the house 9-10 months of the year- in the winter it comes out of the faucet at 37 degrees.
For the few months that it is warmer, I put a bottle of water in the fridge.
I grew up with ice and water through the door but doing fine without.
I do love the perfect temp drawer - not sure if they still call it by the same name

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Our fridge has been humming along for a year and a half with no problems with the in-freezer ice maker or the temperature setting.

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I bought my Elux double wall oven in summer 2011. No problems. I've self-cleaned a few times. I think they fixed whatever it was.

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Thank you all so much for the replies. I've found the fridge on sale for 2,180 and the ovens for 2,275 so I think I'm going to pull the trigger this week if everyone is happy with their experience!

Great to know you self cleaned Ginny!


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I've had the same dilemma myself! Electrolux makes beautiful appliances but some reviews scared me. We are considering the Jennair package w pro handles. They also offer a 27 inch double oven and counter depth 72" tall fridge at very aggressive prices. Good looking appliances too :). May be worth a look at! I'm glad to hear so many people have been having good experiences w electrolux though. Good luck to you!

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Thanks lisale. I like the look of the new JennAir black glass, but based on future MIL's experience with her appliances in her last home I wouldn't consider them. Also, I have nice, old carpentered cabinets and can't fit a fridge over 70 in height. Good luck in your search. The reviews are scary, but this has helped greatly!

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