LOVE my new Blanco sink and Kohler vinnata faucet

dermnpJune 13, 2013

We are about a week away from being finished, it sure has been a long 7-8 weeks without a kitchen and feeding four kids. I will share pictures when it is finished. I was so worried about the sink and faucet, doubted myself on my decisions wondering if I would regret not getting stainless and concerned that the vinnata would be too large. But I am soooo thrilled. Love the sink, went with the 60/40 in biscuit and the faucet is just gorgeous. Can't wait to get in there and play with them!! And can't wait to share with everyone. Soon, I hope.

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So happy that you're happy! Maybe once I see my sink in, I'll have a hallelujah moment too. Had nothing to celebrate today. But tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it......

Hope you'll share photos.

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"Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it".

Thanks for quoting one of my all-time favorite books!

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One of my favorites too. I Need to repeat this over and over after a day fraught with mistakes.......think I'll download the Anne books and re-read for inspiration!

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Holly- Kay

I love the Vinnata, it is a truly lovely faucet. What finish did you get it in?

My sink is what I miss the most in my reno. I miss it even more than I miss the fridge. I am going to celebrate with a bottle of wine after the counter goes in and my plumber installs the faucet.

Derm I am so looking forward to pics of your finished kitchen. Especially the sink and faucet.

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We went with the brushed nickel vinnata, it matches our hardware and is beautiful. Kitchen not finished yet but washed dishes and veggies in the new sink this weekend and it was so awesome. Even my DH likes the sink and faucet. Regarding what I miss the most during the remodel, I think its a toss up between the stove and sink, with all the rain in New England over the past 2 mths, I would say it has been harder to live without the range since grilling has been challenging. Alot of take out, should have added that to our kitchen budget..LOL

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Can't wait to see pictures!!
Glad you love your new sink and faucet!

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