Quick opinions needed - End panels?

foodonastumpJune 10, 2013

I bought end panels for the end of this cabinet run, which is the view of the kitchen as you walk in from the front of the house. I'm second-guessing using them though because that'll make the crown molding assembly off-center with the single 15" cabinet to the right of the range. There are no end panels on the ends next to where the hood will be.

Although I don't have any issue using the bottom one, I figure it's both or none. What would you do?

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Here's another view. Again, my concern is the crown will be set differently on the left and right side of the cabinet if I use the panel.

In case it matters, the middle space is 36" and will have a 30" chimney style hood, tile backsplash extending up to the ceiling. I'm thinking that in itself may lessen the need for symetry up top...but again, I'm second guessing.

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I hate to bump my own thread but my contractor is going to want to be installing crown in an hour or so, so I could really use some opinions.

I'm leaning towards no end panels on this run. Both the uppers and lowers end up at 12" deep so there's no vast blank to stare at. The flat panel next to the fridge on the other hand will get end panels. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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Kristen Hallock

I think it will look fine without the end panel. But can you wait to put the panel on until after? In case you decide you want it? I guess I am not seeing how the panel affects the crown molding.

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I'm having a hard time understanding the problem as well. Is it that the added end panel will slightly widen the cabinet and look unbalanced? I think no end panel looks okay, but adding one would look better. If you already have the panel, and presumably enough crown, couldn't you mock it up and see how it looks without committing?

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Thanks - I opted for no panel. We had decided to mount the L-shaped piece in line with the doors rather than to the edge of the cabinets. So my concern was that since the hood side of that single cabinet would have no panel, the "U" or crown would be off center with the cabinet itself. Not an issue if it was a group of cabinets, but in this case I thought it might look off.

In the end, I have the panels and enough material left over to change it if I second-guess my decision.

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