Will acetone or epoxy drips damage Silestone or Cambria?

kitchendetectiveJune 29, 2013

Has anyone used Silestone or a surface like it in a hobby area where solvents and glues may drip on the counter? Will these damage the surface? Would it be permanent or reparable?

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beachlily z9a

I know that acetone won't damage it. When my Cambria was installed, it was cleaned with acetone. Don't know about the other stuff. Sorry.

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Acetone won't damage quartz although the OEM's (including Cambria) specifically recommend against it.

Epoxies, on the other hand, will bond to the quartz materials. Seams in quartz countertops are set with epoxy. You might find it relatively easy to scrape a dried blob of epoxy off the polished surface but maybe not and a razor blade will scratch a quartz top.

A polished granite is considerably more durable than a quartz top and, in the event you do get dried epoxy on it you can scrape the epoxy off with a razor blade without damaging the top.

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A brief exposure to acetone won't damage quartz. Prolonged exposure will soften the resin material and cause it to partially dissolve and look "etched" and cloudy. Epoxy will be difficult to remove, as it will bond with the resin then you'd need an expert to remove it and not damage it further.

Overall, the best surface for a hobby area is a cheap sacrificial piece of plywood that you poly, i.e. a traditional worktop that you would see in any production shop. Use some wood edging attached to the top to be able to lay it over whatever "pretty" top you want to put underneath it. It's endlessly renewable at a very cheap cost when it inevitably becomes damaged.

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Thank you. As always, I so appreciate the imformation I glean here.

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