Another 8 ft ceiling question (chimney range hood?)

secondhalfJune 23, 2012

Hi again- you were all so helpful with the pendant question- now I need emergency help. I have to order the cabinets Wednesday and I am having second thoughts about the chimney style 36" hood. Do they look too squat in rooms with 8 ft ceilings? Guidance (again) would be appreciated!! I'd love to get the chimney because (1) DH likes it and (2) I'm already scraping the ceiling of my cabinet budget and don't want to have to buy more...

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I have a 36 inch wall mount hood with in my 8 ft high kitchen. My hood is not petite by any means but I still think it looks okay in the space. You certainly could find a smaller more streamlined hood. I think you will be happy with a wall mount hood.
Here's a shot of mine:

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Badgergal- thank you! What a beautiful hood. I've looked at dozens and haven't run across that. It looks wonderful in your space. Do you mind telling me where you got your cabinet handles? They are exactly what I'm looking for.

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I got my cabinet handles from a local specialty door and cabinet hardware store. They are Hickory Hardware's Greenwich Collection in their stainless finish. The hardware store price was actually better than the Internet prices I found and they were able to order all the different sizes I wanted. So if you have that type of store in your area, I would suggest you check them out otherwise check all the various internet sites. Some do not have all the sizes you might want. They pulls are a very nice quality and not outrageously expensive. Good luck in your search.

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Our ceilings are

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Here's another pic for you. It's not the best angle, but you get the idea...

The hood is 48", so it looks a little 'squattier' (is that a word?!) than the other pics, but I don't think it looks bad.

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badgergal--is that a vent-a-hood? I think I recognize it! Do you adore it? Is it all that and a bag of chips? We are looking at hoods for our remodel...and v-a-h is on the list...but SO spendy. It is 3x the cost of the next 600CFM hood we are considering.

Is it worth it?


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I recognize those pulls as well...I wrote the number down at Lowes today. Hmmm... I guess I'll have to flag you in my next "HALP!" kitchen post... clearly we have similar taste.

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Consider yourself lucky to have 8" ceilings. Mine aren't even that high! Here's what my 42" hood looks like with my shorty ceilings. Sorry about the lighting on the hood.

One of the unchangeable things I HATE about my house is the low ceilings.

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Breezy, in France many homes have low ceilings, you just have a charming French country home. You could play that aspect up and embrace the warmth of it. Your kitchen is lovely : )

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I decided against a chimney hood for a couple of reasons. First, you give up some storage area that you'd have with an undercabinet mount hood. Second, the addt'l cleaning & dusting of the hood that would require dragging out a ladder to accomplish.

Something more to consider beyond just aesthetics.

As to aesthetics, if you opt for the chimney style, try to avoid the 'squeezed in' look. I often see photos where an undercab hood would actually look better because the chimney hood looks like it was shoe-horned into the spot between flanking upper cabs. IMO, the chimney style looks best as a stand alone, statement kind of look.

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mjsee: yes that is a Venta-hood it is model ZTH236SS. We love it but since my previous venting was through my OTR microwave, I probably would love any good quality vent hood. Also since I dont have anything to compare it to, I can't really say whether it's worth all that and a bag of popcorn too. My husband really wanted that hood and since I vetoed a pot filler that he wanted, I agreed to the hood.

We love it's style and it's function. It has a great sensor that kicks it into a higher suction mode when needed. It also has 2 blowers so if you are just cooking on one side of the cooktop you can turn the corresponding blower on for that side alone or you can have both on at the same time. We also really like that it has 4 halogen lights that for fantastic illumination of the cooking area. When you've only had bad hood lighting before you really appreciate good lighting.

So yes, the hood was expensive but I am not sorry we splurged on it. We were conservative on other items in our remodel, such as our granite and the oven and refrigerator.

Also, glad you like the pulls I have. Just wanted to let you know that I paid a dollar a piece less for the 2 sizes of pulls that Lowes had and I was able to get the 12 and 18 inch size pulls by going to a local specialty cabinet and door hardware store. So shop around.
Hope this info helps you out

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Hey everyone

I know this is an old post but I'm hoping you guys are still around and can help. Your pictures really helped me visualize a range hood with 8 ft ceilings but I was just wondering if nhbaskets, badgergal and ayerg73 or anyone else with 8 ft ceilings and a range hood can share the height of your range hoods.

Thank you all so much.

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I have 8' ceilings and a chimney hood which is installed 30" above my range. The height of the chimney hood itself is about 29" inches.

Here is an "almost done" pic before we added some art on the walls flanking the hood....looks a bit stark here.

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Thank you itsallabovethefood! Haha I love the name! I really like your kitchen and especially like the pans over the sink.. Good idea

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Mine is 29" above the range.

Another consideration is the distance from the cabinets on either side, as ci_lantro noted. Mine is 2 1/4", but if I did it over again, I'd allow at least another inch so it looks less crowded.

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Thank you mayflowers.

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The height of my range hood (not including the pot rails attached on the bottom side edges) with the duct cover is 30-3/4 inches. It is mounted 29-1/4 inches above my counter top. I have 6 inches of space between the hood and the cabinets on each side.

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Thank you !!

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beachlily z9a

Although the ceiling in my kitchen is 12.5 ft, there's a soffit over the range at the 8ft level. The hood actually ducts into the wall, but the chimney go up to the soffit. We have 2.5" between the glass and the cabinets.

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Thank you :)

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Thanks for these. We will have an 8 ft ceiling in the kitchen, so I've had this very question recently.

Beach lily, what model hood did you use? Love your sleek look!

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beachlily z9a

Thanks for the kind words, Lori. The hood is from Faber (Italian) and it's model GLAS30SS.

My kitchen is 9x11 and the sleekness you mention makes it look much larger. I guess I should do a proper reveal since the kitchen was finished last month.

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