A Kitchen for fans of 'Kitchens of the Past'

corgimumJune 12, 2012

While perusing an auction website I came upon an auction for a kitchen from 1960 made of Formica. It came from a home of well-known Cincinnati philanthropists and founders of Nu-Tone. Their home was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and his apprentice. It also appeared in House Beautiful in 1960.

The kitchen stayed in the house until Patricia Corbett's death in 2008. This amazes me! The new owners of the house did not care for it and it was then removed by preservationists.

There is a lot more information on the website if you are interested. Maybe someone would like to own it!


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Awesome :)

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Won't be bidding on it myself, but how cool is that?!

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Amazing. And definite props to the new homeowners who realized its value and allowed the preservationists to remove it.

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Love the range hood:

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Cool! Thanks for posting this! It's a great inspiration to me as I am doing a (mostly) retro renovation of that era.

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WOW I love that!

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Fori is not pleased

It's too big.


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I don't see this often, but this setup is practical - an exhaust hood above a wall oven. Keeps the kitchen cool and odorless when using the oven.

Also, what a strange place to put an intercom/radio - right over the range hood?

(it was apparently replaced by a newer model that's now part of the auction)

And yes, great style.

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Now this is interesting:

I don't think I've ever seen a side-opening stove before. It would need to be really well balanced to avoid those doors swinging back and hitting your arms as you were taking stuff out. And this is in the lower cabinets? I don't do squats as well as I did in the '60s.

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Here you go:

Frigidaire and Westinghouse both made some french-door ovens and ranges. The range doors on some of them could be opened by stepping on a pedal. Frigidaire also had an inexpensive (if not particularly good) 27"w oven with a single side-swinging door until about two years ago; some may still be in stores or online vendors.

But the currently made french-door ovens and ranges are all expensive. I'm planning on using a Fagor side-hinged oven in my next renovation, which is cheap ($849, sometimes with an additional $100 rebate), which can be ordered with either a left- or right-opening door, and has ball-bearing slide-out racks to boot. If you install it under a countertop, there's enough room for a drawer either above or below it.

Gaggenau makes them too, in 24cm (24") or 30" widths (70cm, just over 27", was recently discontinued), but they're pricey.

In all of these, the door stays open by itself.

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