Anyone NOT have a kitchen table in front of your sliding doors?

spartans99June 5, 2012

Does anyone NOT have a kitchen table that is in front of sliding doors in the kitchen? If so, can you please post a picture of how you have designed around the sliding doors?

We are currently in the middle of a kitchen remodel (actually in the middle of design phase only) and we are working on how to design around the sliding doors (or a possible single patio door) without a kitchen table. Just curious to see your kitchen with sliding doors and no kitchen table.

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Here's ours. Our kitchen layout is the same as the original kitchen, except that the space in front of the slider had no cabinetry and a kitchen table there. We got rid of the table, put floor to ceiling cabinets and bookshelves along the far wall, and added a curved overhang to the peninsula where 2 people can sit. We spend a lot of time in the backyard, so having a large clear thoroughfare to the back is good for us. We didn't want to walk around a table to get into the back yard.

Also, you can barely see it but their is a wine cooler at the end of the peninsula right in front of the door which makes very good use of that corner.

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Geez...I use the wrong urls for the they are embedded. From From Kitchen

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My friend had a U-shaped kitchen similar (just opposite orientation) to the one posted above. The peninsula counter was just a counter and had a slider on the other side. She has a dining room on the opposite side of the house off the kitchen, so didn't really need a kitchen table in front of the slider.

When she remodeled her kitchen, she changed the slider to a single french door, and moved it over slightly. The peninsula counter was moved over to widen the internal kitchen area and made into a curved breakfast bar, so now she has seating for 3 there, an open walkway, and still has good access to the back yard and a nice view out of the single french door. The extra space allowed her to add more cabinets and counterspace along the external window wall.

Sorry, no pictures, but it turned out very nicely.

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We had a french door at our old house with fixed second side. It made it much easier to navigate the remodel and was easier to use than sliders I have known. We ditched the peninsula in favor of an island and put a pantry/broom closet/desk area on the far wall. Worked well for us, since we also spent a lot of time in the back yard and wanted clear access. In fact, we never had a table in the middle of that part of the room: Just a table up against the wall pre-remodel, with a small sofa it often changed places with.

I still miss the sofa...

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