Do you have Hansgrohe faucet in Steel Optic?

beekeeperswifeJune 20, 2009

The faucet drama just keeps on going...I think I really like the Hangsgrohe Allegro, pull down faucet & pot filler in Steel Optic. I read one post that mentioned the color of the steel was "darker" than other stainless steels. If you have this faucet, can you tell me how it looks with a stainless sink? I also would like to know if it has a "yellow" undertone to it. The Delta ss faucets seem to not be the right color for me. (I love the Grohe finish but due to the recent realization of how expensive the vent hood is going to be, I think we aren't even going down that road!)

Also, if you have it, how is the quality? Is the faucet too tall? It says it measures 16" high!

Thanks so much!

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I have the Hansgrohe High Arc in steel optik. We love it. The finish looks great with my stainless. If it's a different tone, I haven't noticed and that kind of thing generally bugs me. As for being yellowish... not at all. It's not satin nickel (warmish) looking... it's cool, like stainless steel. Their quality is great and they have great customer service. They've helped me with two issues I've had (replacement bottle for cracked soap dispenser plastic bottle and changing to a different handle style for the "new kitchen")... I know, new handle style?? overkill probably, but it meant something to me LOL!

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I have the Hansgrohe Allegro gourmet in Steel optik, and it is definitely fine with the SS sink. It is not yellow at all. I dont remember if the "non gourmet" Allegro is shorter than the Allegro gourmet that I have, but mine is NOT too tall. It was intimidating looking out of the box, but installed, it is great to have the reach and height. I have had it a bit over a year, and I still love it. Photo colors are always questionable on a computer monitor, but here you can at least see how the sink and faucet look together. This was when I first installed it.

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Here's mine. I've had it over two years with no problems at all. It matches the stainless sink very well.

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I have a Hansgrohe steel optik high arc with a KWC stainless soap dispenser and a Blanco ss sink. All look fine together and I can't see any difference. No yellow tones. I've had it over 4 years, light use - no special care and looks like new.

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We have a Hangrohe pullout faucet in steel optik. It is slightly different then stainless steel but matches well.

Here is a picture:

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Fori is not pleased

As far as quality goes, I have the Allegro Gourmet (different finish though) and have been quite pleased with its durability so far (almost a year). I enjoy it, it's a pleasure to use, and it's really huge! :)

Be sure it fits your space, then buy it!

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JTS, is that giallo sabia granite? That's what we've picked, and it's really difficult to find examples of it...

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