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gala522June 1, 2008

I need help finding a picture of a fellow Garden Webber's kitchen. I've searched old posts and the FKB, but I haven't been able to find it.

In an old post, I remember seeing a picture of a kitchen with soffits that were slightly shallower than the depth of the upper cabinets. The cabinet trim created a small ledge that could be used for displaying artwork or plates. If I remember correctly, the paint above the soffit was coral or another warm color.

My builder is concerned that making the soffit shallower than the cabinets might look like a mistake. I'd like to refer to the picture to be able to see exactly how it was done.

Thank you!

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Gala, I know exactly which kitchen you are thinking of, but can't remember the posters name!! I did a search for what I could remember about her kitchen, but it didn't bring anything up. I hope by me posting here will bring this back up to the top and someone will remember. Good Luck!!

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is it robid d?

Here is a link that might be useful: robin's photo album

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YES! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Zoey and Yanalg!!

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Here are a couple of others...I know you found the one you were looking for, but I thought these might be helpful to you or others:

KellyFG's Kitchen:

Ttfweb's Kitchen:

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shoot, my apologies to Robin! didn't mean to misspell her name :(

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That is my kitchen, so I thought I'd better explain what you are seeing. The soffits are flush with the cabinet boxes, and the plate rails were added after the soffits and cabs were in place. The rails have a groove routed in them that the edge of the plates rests in, so they won't slide off.

We copied the plated rails in the rest of the main floor - I wanted the new kitchen to blend with the rest of the house as much as possible. We still don't have the ceiling trim up yet - that will be a 2"x4" band with a small cove molding transitioning to the ceiling, to echo the look elsewhere in the house (can't afford to do a boxed ceiling trim, and wouldn't know how to DIY that anyway.)

The plate rails are hugely functional - besides some purely decorative things, I keep my large platters up there - my hubby and son can access them without a step stool (although I can't).

Here is a link that might be useful: My Eventually Almost Mostly Finished Budget Craftsman Kitchen

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Thank you for adding the pictures and description, Robin D! Your kitchen is an inspiration for mine!

If I may, I'd like to forward your kitchen photos to our builder so he can see what I want. The ledge created by the trim will be very shallow in my kitchen. I don't want to use it for display so much as I don't want to see the edge of the soffit overhang. The soffit in your kitchen has such a nice, clean look to it.

Buehl, thank you for the addresses to kitchens in the FKB. This isn't the first time you've provided me with helpful links to that site! I appreciate it. I must have created a composite picture in my mind of Robin's cabinets and the wall color from one of the kitchens you referenced. I saw the pictures of Robin's kitchen and thought, YES!... but weren't the walls darker? : )

Many thanks!

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