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carsonheimJune 15, 2013

Hi there beagles!

I was wondering if you could tell me the size of your chandeliers over your kitchen island. Specifically, the width. The scale looks great, and my kitchen will be a somewhat similar layout to yours.

Thanks for any info you can provide!

carsonheim :)

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Will measure tomorrow (I need help b/c they are awkward to access for measuring purposes) and will post the info as soon as I get it. Should be my late tomorrow night.

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OK. It is 20 inches from crystal to crystal at the widest point. Hope that helps.

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They are gorgeous. May I threadjack here and ask about your sink with the drain shelf - what material is that, and what model? Do you love it? I've been thinking silgranite, but that is a lovely sink!

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Ah, found it! What a gorgeous kitchen, it looks both classic and original.

Here is a link that might be useful: beaglesdoitbetter reveal

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Thanks beagles! That does help, quite a bit. The chandeliers I am considering are 22" across, so just about the same as yours. Now I know how it will look.

Many thanks for taking the time to do that for me! :)

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Thanks kksmama. You got the info you needed about the sink?
It was a custom concrete from Paco Originals. I really, really love it. The bottom does kind of change color somewhat from use but it can be cleaned back to looking pretty good as new. If you have any other questions, let me know.

Glad to help carsonheim.

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