Galley kitchen layout

jplouisJune 22, 2013

I've posted before about our previous kitchen layouts and they never felt right, everything was too spread out. This one is feels right to us. Mostly a one person cook kitchen with me doing cleanup and some prep; we also have a toddler.

The kitchen will have minimal uppers; mostly shelves and maybe a slim horizontal cabinet above and to the right of the sink.

Not sure on appliances, would like integrated 42 or 48 fridge/freezer but may end up with normal counter depth fridges shown in the layout. Looking at getting a 36" induction cooktop and a single wall oven. Microwave will probably be standard counter model in a cabinet by the fridge above the oven.

Leaning toward one big sink. Not sure the kitchen warrants or supports a prep and clean up sink.

The door on the upper left leads to the carport.

Comment and suggestions welcome.

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Where would you put something hot down out of the ovens? The top run...I think could have better function.

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The drawer bank to the right of the herb shelf - is there clearance for it to open fully? Will it be opening under the herb shelf?

Where it says "DBL Oven" is that actually a single oven under the counter, so the landing space is above the oven? Or is the landing space across the aisle on that counter? If across the aisle, then I think you will not be crazy about turning around with hot things when you might have a kid suddenly underfoot. Then how high up will the MW be? I kept my MW right on the counter - unpopular as that is - so it will be at a good height for DD. You might not want to put it too high up, since your kid(s) will need to use it as time goes by.

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I think I would try to fit that double oven on the same run as the cooktop.

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I like that it's not all spread out. Galley kitchens are great. I've never used a Stages-type sink. Will you prep in it? Where do you expect to chop veggies, coat in cornstarch, etc?

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The thinking was to use the counter top in front of the wall oven as a landing space. The alternative wall oven placement is under the counter top some where close to the cooktop as we don't want a tall cabinet in the galley.

Cabinet closest to the wall on the sink side will be doors instead of drawers.

Prep will probably be to the left of the sink.

We are open to sliding the sink and/or cooktop along their cabinet runs.

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Jplouis - check out williamsen's kitchen. He fit a dishwasher under the ledge area of the stages sink. I am sure you can do the same for both the dishwasher and the trash and increase storage in the galley.

I have a galley kitchen and love the flow. I found that a 5ft aisle between the counters makes it feel most comfortable for more than one person. It is not clear how wide your aisle is.

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And we found that 35" is fine for one main cook and one who occasionally wants to get by. :) Seriously, since I prep in on one and stove on the other, it's really nice for me to have them close.

GWLolo's suggestion for getting more storage in your work area sounds terrific. My drawers under my work counters mean I can do point-of-use storage for everything needed at each counter. Same for all but the most outsized or least-used cookpots under and next to the stove. All right there, including all cooking utensils in a shallow drawer under the cooktop.

I have a 12" wide undercounter pullout at my work area that holds my most-used bottled sauces, vinegars, oils, etc., so they don't have to be brought from the pantry. Two lower pullout shelves that fit 3-4 bottles across and a top drawer-type tray for garlic, shallots, many other small items is a lot of storage right there.

JPLouis, does your counter cover the stool shown on the end so you have over 5' of work space there? (Nice). If not, I personally would slide the sink down toward the window more. Plus, it'd allow you to work a bit more directly across from the stove. Back-step, pivot, and you're there is a big part of why I like the way mine works.

I'm not in and out of my oven frequently, so I'd like it the way you have it. Close but out of the busy area.

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GWlolo, I don't have a Stages, I think you're thinking of Will2kz, linked below. Funny though, he shares a name with DH :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: DW under stages

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Hard to tell in the pictures but the counter extends over all the counter stools. We are thinking of eliminating the stool in the hall and extending the cabinets.

The distance between the cabinets in the galley is about 52".

Great idea of using the space under the sink for trash or DW.

Thinking of moving the sink a bit towards the window to offset it from the cooktop some more.

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