So weary, but the end is kind of within site

akl_vdbJune 18, 2014

We had a dishwasher malfunction in November. Our kitchen has been torn apart since then. Thank God we've had a fridge, stove, temp sink and like 30 inches of counter. All lowers were gone. Well, old floor was taken out yesterday, new cabs are coming in tomorrow!

To complicate things, I've also taken out all the carpet, fireplace tile and am attempting to take out front foyer tile, but is proving difficult due to wire mesh. Sigh.

So weary, but perhaps I will be able to move some things into the kitchen in the next 2 days.

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Another pic. I do love the wall colour. So much fresher than the dark brown we had. I hope this all coordinates! It does in my head anyways :)

So weary I spelled 'sight' wrong.

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I commiserate! I feel like we have been under perpetual construction for the last three years. We pulled out tons of tile with wire mesh and a good two inches of mortar. What a pain! We also redid the fireplace and stairwell, which were both covered in tons of ugly fake rock. I'm not sure which was more difficult to remove the tile or the rock.

Hang in there! It will all be worth it in the end :)

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The last mile is the hardest. I remember a few weeks ago when I was just about at my wit's end because I was moving yet again into temporary housing. It's hard to live without conveniences and without a real kitchen. Hang in there. We are all with you here....your refridge is super awesome!!!

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Love the paint color!

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Stick with it, you're almost there!

I'm in with you - we started demo on July 4 of last year, and the part of the kitchen where the sink and appliances were was removed in late September. Chaos feels like the new normal.

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Your temporary sink looks just like what my DH and his brother rigged up for us to use temporarily during our reno. I used it from January until last week. I was so thankful to have it because without it I was washing dishes in the bathtub and that was AWFUL!!! Once cabinets went in (mid-April) we still had the temp sink until last week when counters were installed. We're all in this messy chaos called renovations together!!

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So they came. With with wrong cabinet doors. Now they are in the garage taking all the doors off of the cabs. Sigh.

I wanted this...

They gave me this...Not bad, but not what I ordered.

And this is in 'seashell' painted maple. (off white)

Here is a link that might be useful: cabs I wanted

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I am this as well. Off and on for the last 6 years, we have been doing something to this house - bathrooms, bedrooms, front porch, roof, eaves troughs, and now the toughest of all the kitchen. People coming and going, dirty garage, no place to park, dust dust dust, no water, no washer and dryer. The end is in sight, but I think it will be late summer before we are done.

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Oh, I feel for you! I have fizzled on the last 5% of my mini-reno, and it was not even that long a project. But over the last eight years we have moved three ties and it seems like I just hit the point of "caught up" when we are moving again. It is enough to make you want to throw i the towel!

Hang in there, keep thinking about how awesome it will be when it is done!

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Power to you. We had a disaster (frozen pipe) in January and lived without a kitchen for almost 5 months. Just finished out project a week or so ago. I never realized how often the kitchen sink is used, until I had to live without it.

The temp sink is an AWESOME idea. Wish someone had given me that idea when we were making the rounds to the laundry room sink every 10 minutes.

If there is any silver lining, once its all done, its such a relief. I still can't believe we have a fully functional kitchen when I go into it every day. Adding a link to our final product.

Here is a link that might be useful: Finished kitchen pictures

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Oh, I feel for you. How can they get the door style wrong???

I have fizzled on the last 5% of my mini-reno, and it was not even that long a project.

Me, too, which is why this time I have hired a terrific handyman to come in and do all the things that otherwise would not get done, ever. He's completed 3/4 of my list (at a cost, but it's worth every penny to know that in a couple of weeks, we'll be done-done, and can turn our attention to the rest of the decorating).

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Beautiful sonny_h, I have nothing to complain about compared to not having a kitchen sink! Good on you, I would have lost it.

sjhockeyfan-I don't know about how they ordered the wrong door style.

We're now having issues with the height of the custom pantry. Sigh. It's too tall. Crown will look silly, the other upper they mounted is 22" above what the counter will be, so 22 plus 36 is 58. I'm only 61 inches tall, so they need to lower it and now the pantry won't match.

Help. Please, send help.

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akl, was the wrong door ordered, or the right door ordered and the wrong door sent? (When we ordered cabinets, we had to sign off on every detail of the order, so ordering the wrong door wasn't likely to happen, but if the mfr sent the wrong door, that's a different question altogether)

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The right door was ordered, the wrong door sent.

Also, 2 upper are the wrong size. They should be 30 x 36, and one is 27 x 36, the other is 36 x 36. I do have to admit, I didn't sign off on every cab, but our restoration company took the measurements of the uppers, and I told him that I wanted it exactly the same (have a microwave to fit, etc)

And the pantry was ordered right, 90 inches total, and it's 94.5 inches total.

Sigh. I think some wine may be in order this evening. They left, and only one cabinet is installed essentially, and even that needs to be lowered. And no doors.

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Our contractor ordered the wrong vanity for our bathroom. Instead of ordering a vanity with drawers on both sides and a cabinet in the middle, he ordered one with drawers in the middle and cabinets on the sides. Kinda hard to install a single basin in the center of a vanity when there are drawers there! He had to re-order, hence a 3 week delay.

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Hand in there with the tile/mesh removal. I did ~300 sqft last summer, and used muscles I never knew I had! I feel you pain (literally!)

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So all the cabs are going back and are being reordered as a bunch were the wrong size and the quality was all crap.

Another how many weeks of this???

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So sorry for what you're going through. Have that wine, and think about what it'll be like when it's done. And take pride in all the work you're doing.

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