Do we need to install an air cap for the dishwasher?

melkel31June 6, 2014

Just dawned on us that we may need an air cap for the dishwasher. From what I am reading we MAY not need to have one of these eye soars! ;) Anyone know if we can get away with not using one of these? thanks!

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Fori is not pleased

Contact your local permitting agency and ask 'em. Sometimes, even if it's required, a waiver can be had for certain models of dishwasher that are built to not need one.

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Our plumber told us they are required by code in our area, but he doesn't consider them necessary. He suggested that we yank it out (since we've passed inspection) and replace it with something like a soap dispenser. We haven't bothered - it's there, and I've pretty much forgotten about it.

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PS, it's an "air gap".

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I am linking a recent thread on this topic. Where to you live? There are only a very few places left in the U.S. that require air gaps, mostly California. That's because new DWs today come with the "high loop hose" which is as effective as an air gap (some say the high loop is more effective and better than an air gap, some say the air gap is better, but either way, the high loop is the accepted or preferred by Building Code in most locations in this country.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchens Forum Thread about Air Gaps

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thanks everyone and oops! air gap ;) spoke to my dad as well who is our contractor ;) he said we won't need one either so problem solved! Just didn't want it with our pretty apron copper sink. kind of an eye soar on such a pretty sink.

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