30 inch sink cabinet

TheSobersRenoingJune 8, 2013

One or two bowl sink?

I think the double bowl will be too small and not as convenient as one big one but DH insists double is the way to go...

Any input or opinions?

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I have had, and am getting again, a single bowl.
Since I have a dishwasher and really only use the sink for small jobs, I prefer a sink that I can put cookie sheets and large pans in all the way. In the past 20 years I just haven't missed a second bowl.

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Who spends the most time at the kitchen sink? I think that person should have the deciding vote.

Just my opinion.

If you do a search there's lots of discussions on this forum about the issue. Most prefer a large single. But it comes down to what works best for you.

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Do they make doubles that small? I'm switching over to a large single bowl for flexibility. I think, after much reading here, that we will ove it. Won't know for another two weeks or so.

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I have a double bowl now, and will put a double bowl offset in my new kitchen (link below). I'm having cabinets built, and the cabinet maker will measure the sink to make sure the sink cab is wide enough - if it isn't 30", it will be awfully close. I wanted a 30" sink base to maximize the storage on either side.

The large bowl in the new sink is larger than my current sink. The garbage disposal will be in the smaller one. We don't have a prep sink, and I want access to the disposal when there are dishes in the sink.

Here is a link that might be useful: sink

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A standard double sink fits in a 36" sink cabinet. Each bowl is too small to fit a large baking pan flat. A 30" sink base can theoretically fit a 27" sink. I say theoretically, because that's not a standard size sink. A single 25" is a standard size sink. Single. If you split that size sink into two bowls, they'd be small bar sink size. Unusable.

So, if hubby insists on a double sink, you need a larger sink cabinet.

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