Island and Counter Balance install (no corbels) Pic Heavy

slush1422June 21, 2011

I wanted to share the progress of our island and pictures of how we modified our IKEA cabinets to install Counter Balance supports. DH does not like the look of corbels and we really couldn't do legs and since we are having a 15" overhang on two sides of the island for seating we wanted some extra support for our granite. Hoping this is helpful for someone.

First the guys built a box and screwed in into my beautiful new wood flooring (oh the horror)!

From Island and Overhang Supports From Island and Overhang Supports From Island and Overhang Supports

We realized that since we have frameless (or are they considered inset?) we had to do some modifications to get the support rods in. We will also have to do a mod or two for the tops of the doors but I wasn't too concerned because those 3 doors are under the overhang where the seating is so no one will really ever see them.

From Island and Overhang Supports From Island and Overhang Supports From Island and Overhang Supports From Island and Overhang Supports From Island and Overhang Supports

For the support on the corner that 2 overhangs will be they had to cut out part of the cabinet

From Island and Overhang Supports From Island and Overhang Supports From Island and Overhang Supports From Island and Overhang Supports

He also made a perfect fit from the bottom of the plywood that goes over them.

From Island and Overhang Supports

This is how many tools it takes to install an island...haha!

From Island and Overhang Supports

Everything definitely seems very sturdy and supported. Our fabricator came today to template and was even impressed. Hopefully I'll be posting pics of my Moon Night honed granite counter-tops installed by Saturday or Monday! From Island and Overhang Supports From Island and Overhang Supports

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Nice! They did a beautiful job integratin them. Did your cabinet installers do all that work, or the counter-top people?
A few other questions: why the plywood... are you using 2cm granite? Also, why the box screwed to the floor? Did you want your island higher? Or did you use upper cabinets for the lowers on your island and needed the toe kick?
Looking forward to seeing it with the counter-top. Hope the smiley face still makes you happy!

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I bet the box is because they are IKEA cabinets that usually come with just little feet.

I do like their work. Looks good.

Love the smiley. Gotta have a sense of humor.


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Thanks Co-Co. A lot of our kitchen is DIY so the work was done by DH and friends that do it for a living and so we hired them for the day. Good thing - cuz we had no idea how to do some of the things they did.

The plywood is because we are using 2cm (harder to get 3cm in California). The box is screwed into the floor because we wanted it to be completely secure and just didn't feel comfortable with it on the legs Ikea provides. I think people have said that once you install the granite the island would be so heavy it wouldn't move but we wanted to be safe. We used base cabinets for the non-overhang side and wall cabinets for the seating/overhang side because they are shallow. (Ikea only makes the shallow ones in wall cabinets.) The island will be counter height and our toe kick will just be screwed into the wood box.

Hope that answers your questions and I made sense.

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Thanks NE that is exactly right - I must have typed up my response the same time as you, just didn't hit enter yet.

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Extremely informative. It was thoughtful to take these pics and document the process. Thanks.

I'm so excited for your progress! You, Celine, and Brianna are all at about the same stage. You must be so anxious to see it all done. Not long now!

This goes without saying, but you better post pics of MN as soon as you can. Don't make me beg......

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Thanks Breezy. It is funny I feel like we are seeing a bunch of "almost there" kitchens happening all at once. I am so anxious. The fabricator is calling me tonight to let me know the day of install. I can't wait to see my slabs again and DH told me today he thinks it's funny that he feels like he has no idea what our countertops will look like. I forgot that he's never seen the honed Moon Night other than a single cell phone picture that I posted on here. I sure hope he likes it...well he better, it's too late now!

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They did a great job and I totally get the IKEA modification thing. Our overhang was different because it was the pony wall (solid concrete) that DH had to notch out for our support. Luckily... he does great concrete work!

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Did you hear about an install date? And DH WILL love it! You have good taste. ;)

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I did Breezy! He said Friday. DH is out of town on business till Friday night so he was hoping that install would be Saturday. It will just have to be a nice surprise when he comes home :) Of course I'm panicking because while I have been assembling and installing the rest of the drawers, I've found a few things that the guys missed that should be done before granite (extra support for sink & support for the top two drawers of our 30" bank of drawers) but DH said he can just make them work after granite is installed. Hope he's right! I have so much anxiety. I told him the other day, I know we are SO lucky to be getting our kitchen remodeled, but for the past few months of living with construction and every single room of our home a mess, dust and sawdust everywhere, dealing with contractors, design decisions, and financial stress (of course we went over budget, etc.) I feel like I can't relax in my own home. Just counting the days until we have a functioning kitchen again and I'm not sweeping our "paper/cardboard" floors anymore. Sorry - late night venting after a glass of wine. Two more days until we are one step closer!!!

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Great! Too bad DH won't be around, but I know you can manage. I had a big cocktail tonight myself after I discovered a HUGE mistake I made in measuring. ARGH!!

Anxiety goes along with the reno process unfortunately. And too much money. And way too much stress.

Please post some pics ASAP on Friday. Seeing Celine's, Brianna's and your kitchen come together is keeping me going this week. I can't wait to see it installed!

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Hey Slush - You are getting so close!! Those pics are a great resource! Im so excited to see your MN installed!
And pretty cool that your DH just gets to come home and see it done.
of course he'll love it.
If he's anything like mine, he THINKS he's very involved but then when he sees it, his reaction is like he's totally surprised that is looks so great! ha!

So Friday - like tomorrow??? yeay!!!! it's going to be beautiful!!!!

Breezy - we're all rooting for you! So Close! So Close! So close!!!!! :o)

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