You've seen my pics, now check out my kitchen video!

jgoppJune 29, 2013

I know some of you have seen my traditional white kitchen in photos before. Those are around the forum here and there. But I recently made a video of my kitchen which gives a better feel of how the space actually flows. Hope you guys enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: My kitchen video!

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Jgopp, I enjoyed the tour--much better for providing information than just photos. Perhaps you'll start a new trend on GW. You certainly managed to include many "whistles and bells" in a beautiful space.

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Will have to watch the rest of it tomorrow--but what I watched so far looks very well done (the kitchen, which I have seen here on GW, and your video!).

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Like the kitchen, not a fan of the video.

I wanted to see the whole kitchen for several seconds before diving into the details. The overview didn't come till the very end.

Felt like I was on a roller coaster when you swung the camera to the floor to describe it. I think everyone does that though on the first home videos they make.

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Sherrie Moore

Great idea with the video! Beautiful job on your kitchen! Wish I could switch to the hickory wood floors on my kitchen remodel, but too late for me.

I will have to check out your before kitchen photos, but love the new kitchen!

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Gorgeous kitchen and loved the video. Floors, countertops, appliances, etc. all look gorgeous together. Congratulations!! Thanks for taking the time to do the video for us!!

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Very cool. Beautiful kitchen and nice job with the video.

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Lovely kitchen! Would you care to elaborate on your disdain for Viking products? We have considered a cooktop for our new build and would love any information.

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Beautiful kitchen and I liked the video...hope you started a trend!

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cocomac20: In regards to the viking stuff... that hood was sent to me without the proper fitting filter inserts, and no railing to even place the inserts on. I tried and tried and tried to have the company fix the issue and send me new inserts. Eventually they did send some, but once again they weren't able to be installed due to there being no railing, and even if there was a railing they were the wrong size. At some point they just stopped responding to my requests. I had to have my lawyer draft a letterhead document threatening to sue them if they didn't fix the issue. Only after that they sent a tech out who measured the space and was able to install the proper items. The customer service is horrendous, especially considering how much I spent on their product.

Also, the vent fan had an issue with a clicking sound on the vent top opening and hitting the side walls of the shaft (which I was told to place some weather stripping on to stop), but seriously why couldn't they have done that at the factory?

Lastly, the time controller on it has just simply stopped operating, I didn't use it very often anyway since it was kind of confusing to begin with, but it's just one more item that makes me sour of their products.

Thanks for the compliments on the video :)

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I am green with envy at the excellent beer station. Nice work on everything!

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Holly- Kay

What a lovely kitchen! I enjoyed the video also. Thanks for posting.

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Thank you for sharing.
I forgot about your laundry and kegerator :-)

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I liked the video tour, I think it'd be great if it became a regular thing around here. Thanks for the tour and for starting something new!

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I'm glad you guys all seem to like it! I'd love for it to become a new thing.

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