Did your cabinets get dinged and scratched during counter install

threeapplesJune 5, 2013

If so, how did they fix them? Mine are painted wood and I'm hoping that will work in our favor when the cabinet company comes back to repair other damages in the house. The countertop installers scratched and scraped some cabinets yesterday since they took my protectors off. Also, if I decide they need to replace the segment of marble that has the large pit in it will that be a huge issue in terms of cabinet damage? It is a counter that has a cabinet with sliding doors that rests on it, though that portion has not been lowered to rest on the counter yet, it is off by about a half an inch. My builder said they plan to slide it down, though I feel like they measured wrong or something.

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Not one scratch...that I've found.

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Didn't you ask bow to protect your cabinets? It is a shame all of these workers are not more careful. I hope things start smoothing out for you soon.

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I protected the cabinets myself because I knew nobody else would. The installers removed the protection because they said it'd get caught under the stone. The put painters tape on the cabinets directly beneath where they were working, but they managed to scrape through that in one area. When they had to uninstall one of our cabinets to change its height and make the stone level they scratched one of the cabinets a bit. I'll take pictures tomorrow and post back for advice on whether or not to tell the owner of the fabricating company.

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Deleted my post.

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I was extremely nervous about that also. I held my breath and could barely look as they wheeled this monsterously heavy piece of 4cm marble through my door, over the threshold, around the fireplace, and then lifted it in place.

Fortunately, there was no damage to my front door, floors, walls, or cabinets. I'm sorry yours were damaged. I would absolutely let your fabricator know what happened.

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We had no damage, either, with a humongous island top and four counter runs. I didn't do anything at all to protect the cabinets, either (never even thought to do that!) but the crew (our granite was fabricated by the same yard where we bought it) was extremely careful and didn't so much as bump the (somewhat narrow) door frame coming in. (Of course, full disclosure: they had already cut the sink opening for the island sink wrong the first time around -- fortunately, we saw the error before they ever took the piece off the truck, and they didn't argue for a second (not much grounds for argument as they'd done the templating, too!), just took it back to the yard, we went and chose a new slab, and they redid it!) But damage to the cabinets... no. To be honest, the only damage we had was when our contractor drilled a couple of the cabinet drawer fronts incorrectly for the pulls and had to order new ones.

I am sure if the damage is just scratches and dinged paint, it can easily be fixed. Hopefully the damage is mostly cosmetic -- no deep gouges that will have to be filled.

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No scratches or dings.

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