Cambria Torquay with either Bellingham or New Quay

Jackie54016June 20, 2014

I love a bright white kitchen and am having old laminate replaced with Cambria Torquay on the outer perimeter and either Cambria Bellingham or New Quay on the white cabinet end center island. Problem is I have a small kitchen so I'm worried the combination of two patterns might be too busy. Would love to hear from anyone who has used a combination of Torquay with either Bellingham or New Quay and any helpful advice is welcome. Picture of old countertop attached.

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Sophie Wheeler

Too similar and too busy. Cambrian Black or one of the darker more solid colors might work.

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We were going to use Bellingham until we googled the image. Liked it on the small sample, but it was too busy when viewed as a larger piece. I like the PP suggestion for more solid color.

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With a small kitchen I would stick to one counter type.

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Thanks to all for the helpful input so far. I work in Minneapolis directly across from Cambria's big showroom so I visit it often. It's just so confusing when I have local interior designers and Cambria showroom personnel tell me the combinations would be fine. I realize we all just expressing opinions, but a little voice in the back of my head tells me as much as I want to combine Torquay with one of the other waterstone patterns, I'm not certain if it's too much activity. That's why I'm hopeful someone out there has already combined them in their kitchen and can give me their opinion too.

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I agree with sas, do the Torquay on perimeters & island...or, how about a wood top on your island. Either option would be lovely.

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I googled Bellingham and found this image of Bellingham and Torquay. I agree that it's too busy.

I have Torquay in my kitchen and pantry and like it, but don't love it. (I still kick myself for not choosing marble). Do admit so far it's been pretty bullet proof.

"Love the idea of a bright white kitchen" - what else are you planning? I don't think either of your current choices for the island will give you this. A white subway tile, with the Torquay perimeter and Torquay island, or if you want the contrast, Torquay perimeter and wood island, would be lovely and clean.

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Thanks for the photo and advice oldbat2be. Would you further elaborate why you like vs. love your Torquay? Do you think the goal of a white clean look In my small kitchen would be greatly diminished if I forego the Torquay and instead install all Bellingham or all New Quay? I am not aiming for a sterile look but would want a fresh clean look and have definitely settled on using something from Cambria. Sorry to bother you with so many questions! I will also be installing an Elkay ss sink and pull down faucet, and replacing bar stools. The perimeter countertops will have a 4" cambria backsplash too.

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A little off-topic, but since you've been in the official Cambria showroom perhaps you can answer a question that's been nagging me since Torquay came out. Don't laugh! How do they pronounce it? When we were in Sidney, Australia, we discovered lots of places named "something-Quay" all pronounced "key." Nothing in my end of the world (San Diego) is named "quay," so I have no idea how we pronounce it. Are Torquay, New Quay, etc. pronounced "key" or "kway"?

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Suzannesl, the Cambria personnel I was working with were pronouncing Torquay as as tour-key, and New Quay as new-key, which was a revelation to me!

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Ha! tour-key sure sounds like turkey, so I'll keep pronouncing it Tor-kay :)

Jackie54016 - Most people who come in to our home love the countertops and island and ask if they're marble. (Obviously not GW-ers!). My mixed feelings are due to mistakes on my part, things I'd do differently 'next time'.

1) Seams are getting dirty (no way to do an island our size without seams).
2) Not crazy about the simple edge I picked
3) The pattern is too monochrome / not enough movement in some places.
4) Our cabinets are a creamy white and Torquay looks better with a whiter white.

On the plus side, 95% of the time, I'm very happy with it and LOVE how reflective the surface is. I can do pretty much anything to it and with the exception of the seams, there has been no staining or etching.

Some slabs definitely have more 'movement'' than others. I'd insist on looking at them and waiting for the right slab(s)!

Here is our island:

Do you have an inspiration picture or pictures? Please post and solicit input on identifying the elements in it, which make it work. Then, we can answer which surface might be best.

I'm linking to my reveal, if you're interested in seeing more pictures. There have been more than a few threads on Torquay, so definitely google them too.

Here is a link that might be useful: More pictures of kitchen

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Oldbat2be, thank you so much for sharing photos of your absolutely stunning kitchen. I find the movement within the Torquey very calming and serene, juxtaposed to your spectacularly sophisticated backsplash. Personally, I like your edge on your center island. Would you please reveal the edging you chose, and is your torquay 3 mm or thicker? Now I'm trying to weigh the advantages/disadvantages of the types of edging profiles available for the 3mm thick Cambria. I will also continue to search for additional inspirational photos in the meantime. As always, appreciative of your input.

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