Contractor made a major error.

marioncohen1June 3, 2013

My kitchen is finally finished and looks great because of all my research and Gardenweb's help. However, I am upset because my GC told me at the end of the job when he was install the garbage disposal that it would'nt fit with my 10inch deep sink. The truth is he forgot when the kitchen was gutted to place the pipes so it would fit. Now he says its a huge job to make it work and would involved take the walls and ceiling apart. I am so mad. I had a disposal in my old kitchen and wanted it in my new kitchen as I used it all the time. What would you do???

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When I was shopping for a garbage disposal I noticed that they make a compact model- maybe that would fit without too much trouble. It was an in-sinkerator but I can't remember the exact name. Can you get a "second opinion" from a local plumber or something? It shouldn't be such an ordeal to add a garbage disposal. It sounds like he is trying to scare you to get out of doing it. I definitely wouldn't just let it go.

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We have an insinkerator evolution compact. It takes up less room. Why in the world would you have to take apart walls and the ceiling to install a disposal?

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I don't understand why the ceiling would have to be touched. Did he know that your sink was that deep?

Is there a different model of GD that will fit?

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It shouldn't be that big of a deal, unless I really misunderstood what I've read along the way.

The back of the cabinet would have to be cut to access the wall. The wall would have to be cut to access the pipe. The pipe would have to be changed to the right height. Then patch wall. Not sure if the cabinet can be patched or not, but it won't really be visible.

I'm sure it's not an easy space to work in, which is probably more the issue.

I'd ask him what dimensions, if any, would work. Then if you can find one that you like that fits, problem solved. If you can't find one that fits and you like, I think it's on him to make the plumbing right if he knew you wanted a GD and had a 10 inch sink. If he was not aware of either of those things, whoever should have told him shoukd share the cost.

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Marion13 - your other threads already had helpful responses. Why do you keep re-posting, but not responding on any of these other threads?

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