IKEA cabinet 'organizers' that are worth it?

shelly_kJune 19, 2009

I hear alot of you mention different IKEA organizers that go in your cabinets or drawers that really help keep things in their place. For example, some have mentioned a stemware holder, I've seen pics of some dividers for casserole dishes,etc.

I live 4 hours away from the nearest IKEA, but I do get their occasionally.

What is worth picking up?

Can I install them in any cabinet (assuming the right size) easily? (i.e., they aren't specific to IKEA cabinetry)

Are there any other organizers that you purchased after market to install in your cabinetry that you think are great?

Pics would be great! I'm all about organization... :)

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I have a 30 year old kitchen, but I'd recently been in my local Ikea (Elizabeth, NJ) and found their half-moon blind corner shelves on sale. I figured I didn't have much to lose since they were $5.00 each and I bought 2. The only adaptation I had to make was to mount a 2x4 piece of wood as an upright to attach the bracket to. Since it's intended to fit inside the Ikea brand cabinets, the bracket was obviously specifically designed to easily attach to them, but my cabinets had a much thinner door post, so the 2x4 beefed it up. They are the single biggest change this kitchen has had in 30 years - and if, in my soon to begin remodel, I have to have a blind corner cab again, I will be re-installing these.

Just an FYI - as of 2 weeks ago the Elizabeth IKEA still had piles of these 1/2 moons for $5 as well as the full lazy susans for $10. They were in the midst of remodeling the kitchen department. Anyone who wants to experiment, now's the time to pick those up.


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The drawer dividers are designed specifically for Ikea drawers: both size wise and getting secured onto the walls of the drawers.

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This is just a cheap little thing, but I really like the IKEA pot lid rack. It actually holds both small and large lids well and I also stash stuff like paper plates, napkins, etc. in the slots.

It's the RATIONELL VARIERA Pot lid rack - $2.99

I do not have Ikea cabinets - it attaches to any type of cabinetry or whatever with 2 screws.

I use tons of lazy susans in my cabinets, especially for the spice cabinet, and that really helps save space. One for baking supplies (vanilla, baking powder/soda, honey, etc.), two for spices, one for jars of baby food, etc. I also use them on the cabinet shelves for bottles of oil, vinegar, etc. Again, they are nothing fancy or expensive but they help use space efficiently and if they get messy they can go in the dishwasher.

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I have the pull out wire shelving in my non-IKEA cabinets. I use them for my pots and pans. DH is handy and had to build some stuff to attach them to, because they are meant for IKEA cabs. But they were about an eighth of the price of the ones my cabinet company made or the other generic ones you can buy at the container store.

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Here's what comes to mind that could be used in an existing kitchen:
cutlery trays
stemware suspension brackets
rail systems (for hanging small shelves, wraps, utensils)
shelves (made of stainless bars, or "Jarpen" shelves you can cut to desired length, in colors or stainless)
battery-operated LED lights "Dioder" that come on when you open a dark cabinet or drawer, and stay on for 15 seconds
knife trays for drawers
canisters and jars that are perfectly sized to fit Ikea drawers
shelf/drawer liner that is plastic and seems like it will last for years
rods that can be installed inside a cab to hang dishtowels
"rationell" trash cans that sit in sliding trays, so you can slide the can out from under the sink
plate holders

Whether this stuff is "worth it" will depend on preferences. Personally, I would skip the dishtowel rack and the plate holders.

Also, I like Ikea juice and wine glasses, and their picture frames.

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Okay, reading about the stuff others remembered inspired me to pull out my "storage solutions for the kitchen" catalog. In addition to what's been mentioned, there are:
-- bottle racks
-- spice rack inserts
-- shelf inserts, for creating a mini-shelf on a shelf
-- various transparent and beech wood boxes for grouping like items together
-- magnetic knife rack

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