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cookingbuffJune 6, 2013

I need to make my decisions ASAP and I know there is much more activity here. Some background-- remodel, white inset cabinetry, whitehaven farmhouse sink. I am getting the GE 240 advantium and 36" wolf induction cooktop. Today I went to finalize the rest--single wall 30"electrolux (Icon?) under the advantium and electrolux(Icon Prof) counter depth refrig next to the ovens. The appliance salesman told me not to get the electrolux due to service problems, and pushed, but nicely, the GE Monogram refrig and oven to go with Advantium. He also said that the Samsung refrig is great. I just need further reinforcement that the electrolux has better reviews than the GE Monogram. I can always find some negative reviews on everything, but I do value the opinions of the GWers. Thanks so much.

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I don't have experience with my Electrolux ovens (moving in next week), but I did research them thoroughly and felt I was getting a great product for the money. Wolf was not in the budget, but I wanted the ball bearing glides, perfect turkey function and the beautiful blue inside like my sister in laws wolf. I did not compare against the high end ge, but I doubt they have as many features as the Electrolux. I found that I could find negative reviews about every oven and most people on the appliance forum here seemed happy with their elux ovens. Good luck with the decision making! For me, refrigerator was the hardest choice.

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Sophie Wheeler

Why not a SubZero if you are doing a Wolf level kitchen No way will a Samsung or any counter depth fridge live up to that Wolf.

Or, downgrade the cooktop to something like a Bosch, and go with the more mid grade choices. A regular counter depth would fit right in with that, and Samsung would be a good choice for it.

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Hollysprings-I am only getting the wolf induction (my big splurge) because I want the pattern on the cooktop. The rest of my appliances are mid-range. Subzero is over my budget. I just want a reliable refrig and oven to complement the GE advantium.

Momto3kiddos- I am driving myself crazy finding negative reviews on all the appliances. What refrig did you end up with, and do you like it?

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Just wanted to say good luck & I hope you get more feedback...I'm considering similar lineup of appliances and its stressing me out big time.
The appliance store salesmen all act like I'm insane for not going with all the same brand appliances. And I admit, I'm starting to get tired & might cave in, the rebates and matching handles/stainless DO sound sort of important...?!

What dishwasher are you getting? I'm jealous of your Wolf induction...I love the pattern on it! I'm probably going Bosch...but still considering Elux & GE profile...

Good luck :)

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Homebuyer--I am so stressed too! Making the appliance decision has me crazy! My dishwasher is the kitchen aid KUDE60SS. It's only 6 mos old and we got it on sale. I like it-no problems so far.

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My Elux non-Icon Wavetouch wall oven is great. What extra features do you get with the Icon, or is it mainly a style difference? If non-Icon would work for you, you could save a little $.

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Love my elux fridge

I have the Advantium 240 with a wolf e underneath it. I also have a wolf 36 induction cooktop.
And finish with a Miele DW.

Lots of folks like the elux ovens

Cryptic from my phone

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I have had two different ge monogram side by sides and they both stunk. No matter how I set the fridge, things in the back would freeze. I wouldn't get a ge fridge.

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Thanks for your opinions and your honesty. I think I may go with the elux oven and refrig despite what the salesman said.

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We love and you will too, the Advantium. Great decision to go with the 240. We do not have a 2nd wall oven, but I have read and looked a lot at the Wolf being used with the GE Advantium. Elux makes a very good oven, and with a lower price point, you can put those dollars somewhere else. I believe that the GE Mono line of ovens is better, but there's a lot to consider what makes that so. We have a GE Mono DF range that is excellent. However, I would not go with the GE fridge or DW, regardless of the rebates or package deals. But that's just us.

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