Who had the french memo board above a desk in her new kitchen?

kaylJune 12, 2011

Hi! I failed to bookmark a favorite feature in someone's kitchen - a large french memo board made to hang behind an in-kitchen desk. I did a search and it turned up nothing. I'd love to see the picture again. I'd like to recreate that look above my kitchen desk. I would appreciate your help if it is yours or you recall who it belonged to.

Thanks! Kay

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was this what you were remembering? see first photo, board on right side


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Definitely not what you are asking for but here is our desk which bridges between new kitchen (right) and new lobby (left). We found a bulletin board with frame at Container Store and decided that it would suffice.

Sorry about construction mess. This is not a bad solution. By the way, upper cupboard is 16 inches deep to hold phone books, notebooks, larger items. Photo shows framed art on bulletin board; now we have our calendar, event notices, etc. on the bulletin board. Yes dog bowls seem to migrate to position underneath desk.

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Is this it? Clergychick's kitchen has a desk with a memory board setup on the wall.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clergychick's finished kitchen

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Hi kayl,

If it is mine you're talking about, I'd be glad to pass on instructions. It was definitely a DIY project.

clergychick a.k.a. Amy

p.s. thanks for remembering me, katsmah!

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Yes, it was you clergychick! Thanks to all who commented and remembered! I would definitely appreciate instructions. Also, did you put in a plugmold? We recently redid the kitchen and I had some work done on the desk area, however I'm still bothered by the four plugs and phone jack that are on prominent display.

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1/4 inch plywood, cut 1/2 inch shorter on total length and width than your desired size for the board.
Cork -- at least 1/4 thick (roll or squares)
Gross grain ribbon
Upholstery thumbtacks

Using your choice of adhesive, attach the cork to the plywood. (doesn't have to be very strong -- it will be held together by the fabric.)
Cover with batting and then fabric, pulling taut.
Staple on backside of board. (start in center of longest sides, working out to ends -- be careful to keep fabric straight) Trim excesses.
Lay out ribbon in desired pattern, pull taut, and staple on backside.
Push in upholstry tacks where ribbons cross.

You can also do one in a picture frame -- without the plywood or cork, but you will not be able to use pushpins with it.

kayl, we do have plugmold above the board. It comes in handy with all the things that need to be charged. Let me know if you have other questions.


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When I read this post, I thought, "It has to be clergychick!" You have such a memorable kitchen - love it! :)

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Thanks Clergychick, can't wait to get started!

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