Mixing Tile Patterns/Sizes

dgormishJune 7, 2014

My kitchen backsplash will be squares set on a diagonal, i.e. a diamond pattern. These are already bought and set to be installed later this week or next week.

I need to decide about the new floor. It will be luxury vinyl tiles. My husband likes the look of a rectangular tile (12X24) instead of the square (16X16) but I don't know how this will look. Will it look okay to have different tiles sizes between the backsplash and the floor? Also, will it look okay to have different patterns such as diamond on the backsplash and basketweave on the floor?

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It could be fine, but it's really a matter of whether the tiles look good together. Why not post an image? To learn how read the stickie at the top of the forum.

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Hm, I actually think all diamonds may be overkill. Trying to find some pictures of either option.

Reverse. Floor diamond pattern

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nosoccermom, thanks the the visuals!

The backsplash tiles are smaller like the first photo you posted. And it is nice to see the rectangles on the floor in that photo. I think I am liking the contrast now that I am seeing it. I like clean lines and tend to lean toward safe and simple but so I was worried about two different patterns. Sometimes it is hard to visualize the big picture things.

I agree that large diamonds on the backsplash and floor may not be the best look.

I can't post photos because the blacksplash (or floor) isn't installed yet. Maybe later this week!

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