Need layout help - DH won't provide input

Cindy103dJune 19, 2013

Please help me with layout review before the order goes in. Can't get DH to even look at it, although he gets to help with the installation so you'd think he'd be interested!

Two cooks in narrow U shaped kitchen. One of us preps/washes dishes while the other stands at the stove. We cannot move the fridge alcove (plumbing access) and cannot move the windows. Really want to leave the sink and stove where they are since we can cook, wash dishes and prep with a great view.

We're using RTA Conestoga cabinets, so don't have a KD to bounce ideas off of. Friends are tired of hearing me talk about the kitchen layout and just want it done already.

The first photo shows the general layout, with the walls marked A-D, corresponding to the following wall-specific layouts.

Mostly looking for input on the wall marked D. The fridge will be recessed so it will "appear" to be counter depth. Next to it is a 24" deep pantry cabinet with the microwave sitting in the counter top cabinet, so we do have some depth change on that wall. The two right-hand wall cabinets will be lit and have opaque glass doors.

That is by far the longest row of cabinets in my kitchen. With the length of drawers on the bottom and fairly standard sized wall cabinets, is that wall going to look too institutional? If yes, what are your thoughts on how to break it up?

Thought about shelves, but don't really have any "stuff" that lends itself to display.

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Wow! Love the big window!
Are the wall cabinets going to the ceiling? You could vary the height of a couple if you wanted to break up the line.

We are about 6 weeks in to our reno. Counter tops were installed today. One suggestion I would make is to change a couple of the drawer stacks to 2-drawers instead of 3, as the top drawer tends to be too shallow to hold much and the extra deep drawers are great. Also, make sure you have a place for the vertical storage of cookie sheets and baking pans (in spite of repeated measurements, my cookie sheets don't fit where I had planned)

GW has been a super resource and support network. Enjoy the process!

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Sophie Wheeler

The 48" range totally overwhelms the space. It also leaves the hood really crowding the window molding. Even a 36" range would be overly large for the center of such a short U. This is a kitchen for a 30" range.

A 33" lazy susan opening won't really fit a blender through. You can store canned goods, but that's about it. You need at least a 36" lazy susan to get the door big enough to get small appliances and pots and pans through it. (Another reason to jettison the 48" range.) You'd get better quality storage with a blind corner and a LeMans pull out.

If you use the MW to cook or soften butter, it would work better on the other side of the fridge. Then the right side could be done more as a complete separate hutch type cabinet. Use beadboard on the wall between the lowers and uppers, and corbels underneath the uppers. I also would do a wide center 4 drawer base bumped forward, but do narrower regular cabinets to each side of the drawer base. You might do the same with the uppers in doing a 15" deep center cabinet flanked by narrower cabinets on the side.

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Bridget Helm

I love it! I don't have a problem with the way it is now, but shelves would be cool rather than the very last set of cabs over the last set of drawers on the left.left. As a previous poster said, you could vary height as well, but it looks as though you've kept the height uniform with the rest if the kitchen. Might look weird if all of a sudden only the two cabinets flanking the fridge are raised.

For open shelves, a stack of bowls that complement your kitchen colors along with mugs and a platter, a large serving bowl, and even a vase, and a stack of some small condiment type bowls is all you need for open shelves. Target has great bowls etc to choose from as does CB2, West Elm, and Crate and Barrel.

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Draft of how OP proposed:

And a variation with a 36" range and full 36" corners:

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I love GW! Thank you for the responses.

I'm a Craigs List-aholic and we bought all our appliances from there over the past two years. Got a steal on the 48" stove and hood, which would have fit perfectly on the long wall where they were intended to go. DH's only request is that they go on the short wall, so he can enjoy the view while cooking. And he loves the big stove. The view is amazing, so we're going to put the stove there even though it doesn't make sense and will look too large.

The drawings don't show it well, but the cabinets will go to the ceiling with crown molding.

A huge thank you to Seattle Craftsman for putting the ideas into 3D. Makes it much easier to visualize. The hood is 18" tall and will have a cabinet on top,which we hope will help balance out that wall at least a little.

I love HollySprings idea of making the right-hand side more of a hutch look. The MW opens to the left, so putting it on the other side of the fridge makes it difficult to land hot bowls. Definitely some good ideas on how to dress up the hutch area.

Weedpuller - good thought about cookie sheets. I intended to put them in the cabinet over the fridge, but need to measure to see if that will really work.

BMH - thank you. I tend to think about what I have now rather than considering buying stuff for display. Probably comes from spending the last two years with half my kitchen stuff in boxes.

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I agree with Hollysprings--the 33" corner lazy susan really doesn't fit much. The opening is really narrow. Have you seen one in person? I really wanted a 33" corner bc it gave me the extra 3" I needed for a larger sink but after seeing what the 33" corner looked like in person, I realized that there was no way I could store even a standard sized pot (not even a stock pot).

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Wow! I think it will look wonderful...especially after seeing seattleCraftsman's first picture. The opaque/glass doors will break up the wood and making that space look like a hutch is a nice idea.

I'm with your DH...the big range will look great and I'd definitely want to see the view :)

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Put the big range back on Craigslist and buy something that will help the kitchen to be more functional. It's not only out of proportion to the size of the kitchen, but it's badly affecting the functionality of the space as well. I'd void the corners before I'd put in 33" L shaped corner cabinets. They are almost useless.

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I'm with lavender - the big range will be wonderful to have if you all will use it. And if you're limited to one window, put it where you'll be standing the most. For me, it's sink & prep area, but we don't have a dishwasher. ;-)

And slightly OT, but seattleCraftsman: What software are you using for these renderings? They're great and it seems you whip them up quickly!

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robo (z6a)

Since that small U is asymmetric anyway what with the window on one side, could you shuffle the range over a few inches? Put in a 36" lazy susan on the left one side, leave the uppers off the back wall so as to make it look less crowded, put in a half moon corner and a small cutting board nook to the right side?

I don't love the look of the fridge and pantry with counters on both sides. Would you consider eliminating the counters on the right, maybe by sliding fridge down and doing pantries on either side of the fridge? Could incorporate some glass and small appliance storage in the pantry to the left of the fridge and conventional storage to the right?

Or doing a coffee bar type thing with narrow pantries on both sides?

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What's on the opposite side of the fridge wall? Can you access the upper right corner from the other side (it wouldn't be used for kitchen stuff, but still good storage). I agree with the others that a 33" LS is not worth the effort. Getting rid of it gives you about 8" of space on each side (allowing for clearances). There are lots of cool pullouts that could fit in those spaces, and lots of corner solutions you could use on the left side.

I think I would rather see the range wall be the centerpiece - no upper cabinets on that wall at all. It would highlight the window, and help keep that narrow space from feeling crowded, and help to make the range look not quite so enormous.

What is at the bottom of the kitchen - facing wall A? I would consider upper cabinets (or floor to ceiling pantry-type) on that wall, depending on whether you need more storage/pantry, or more counter. If it faces a dining room, glass fronts with pretty dishes would be lovely.

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Thank you all for the great ideas. I knew 33" LS would be tight, but it's a pretty consisten "no" from all. I can easily change the left LS to a standrad cabinet opening in the sunroom next to the kitchen and just put fake doors on the kitchen side. The other one I can fill with rarely used things, like empty canning jars.

I love the look of the coffee bar. And lots of other great ideas. I'm so thankful for the responses!! Now, back to planning and plotting.

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