Kitchen Sink bowl for 30" cabinet

lothiaJune 10, 2013

I have been searching for quite a while for a great sized kitchen sink that would fit into a 30" cabinet. I have looked around this forum and found quite a bit of information and even some about the one sink I am looking towards the most but no actual concrete information. Like many I am trying to get the largest sink to fit into the space of my cabinet.

The one that I have found to do this would be the Kraus-KHU100-30
According to all descriptions and specs of this sink it fits 30"-33". However I am wondering if anyone here has actually used and installed it in a 30" sink.
From the spec sheet the full size of the sink is 30" and the bowl is 28". A 30" sink box would be 28.5" of available space inside and with the instruction details on their site I cannot see how this sink could be properly installed in a 30" cabinet.

Is the 30" fit with the assumption that you would put the edges on the actual box and thus make it very difficult to remove in the future?

As well, I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for a medium cost single bowl undermount sink that would fit well in a 30" box that has a bowl size closer to 27" rather then the 25". The best I could find was the Frigidaire FPUR2919

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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I used the Blanco Stellar SS single bowl sink in my 30" was the largest one I could find. Am very happy with it...very large to fit large pans/cookie sheets. Came with a grid which I just stopped using after a year....too hard to clean and too big for the DW...don't miss it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blanco sink

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That has definitely been on my short list. You were able to get it in without modifying the cabinet box? If it got damaged would you be able to get the sink out w/o destroying your counters? Any problems with it and scratches? Do you have any photos of your sink?

The only one I think that I have found that would be larger and still fit in a 30" cabinet box is a Frigidaire FPUR2919 Though it may require a 30.5" box to fit.

Thanks for the reply.

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Well, that sink from Blanco says it's 28 inches from outer rim to outer rim, so assuming you have 3/4 inch box sides then it should fit without modification. You'd have the same problem I'm having with the Orca in a 33 inch cabinet though, namely you can't get the normal clips on the short side of the sink. But the granite place will find a way. Plus a sink setter might be an option. I'll know in about a week or so what they came up with :-)

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Thanks. I look forward to hearing your success.

After reading a lot of information, on this site. Why wouldn't a sink that is 28" wide on the inside and 30" wide on the outside work for a 30" cabinet that is being under-mounted? The inside of the sink would fit the 28.5" interior of the cabinet and from what most have said the sink will be epoxied onto the granite/stone and thus making it almost impossible to remove anyways?

The only reason removal might be an issue for me, is I plan to rent out my condo during my ownership and if a resident of it destroys the sink it seems that if I have granite/stone that replacing the sink will be super hard anyways.

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So, here's a shot of our Blanco SuperSingle sink.

It's the sink referred to by "joaniepoanie" above.
It fits well into a 30" sink base cabinet without modification.
As a side note, your sink should not be epoxyed, but rather siliconed to the underside of you countertop and supported from underneath with one of several available support systems.
That way, if necessary, the sink can be swapped out.

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Everyone said it does fit, I'm not sure where you are getting it won't fit from? And you should be able to take it out like any other undermount. I mentioned the clips because they are more than 1/4 in, so there's got to be some other way of either using clips, or different clips, or sink setter involved, not exactly sure yet. But it can be done and will fit.

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Lothia. ...I don't know any of the particulars of installation as it was done by contractor..sorry...I don't think they had to do any modifications since the specs said it would fit a 30" cab.

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Sorry williamsem I was talking about the Kraus-KHU100-30 not the Blanco SuperSingle when saying it wouldn't fit. The Kraus has a inside measurement of 28" so it would fit into a 30" cabinet however it's edges would have to be on the sides of the cabinet box because it is a total of 30" wide. That is why I am asking about modifications, as I don't know how you could easily remove the kraus from a 30" cabinet when the manufacturer says it fits a 30". Unless they only state you can get one in, not if you can ever get one out.

The Blanco Supersingle is 26" on the inside and thus would fit the 28.5" available space of a 30" cabinet. The outside being a total of 28" giving you 1/4" on each side to see if you could actually clip them on (or however they'd do the install). But reading multiple articles on gw, it appears that most installers connect the sinks directly to the granite and most people have said it would be difficult to remove the sinks without damaging them.

Thanks willtv, how much radius would you say the sink has? The biggest issue I have when looking at the Blanco Supersingle is that it appears that the slow round at the base of the sink takes 2.5" of each side. Please correct me if this is different then how you see it.

The only other sink I have seen that comes close is theDawn SRU251610 1" smaller interior and 1" on both sides of the box.

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I know it's popular, but DON'T try scoop the sides, or forgoe the clips to force a sink into a base it wasn't designed for. You never know when lighting will strike and the sink will need to be replaced. I once had to order a copy of a brand new sink that a client of mine had just put in less than 6 months ago. Her husband had an accidental discharge of an "unloaded" pistol that he was cleaning. The sink was the only casualty, thankfully. Because it was a 33" sink in a 36" base, the granite company spent about an hour and a half removing the shards of the old sink and replacing it with the same exact model. If I had ordered her a 33" base instead to try to cram it in there, they would have had to partially disassemble the sink base and then rebuild new support to support the new sink. It would have cost twice as much, and been a much more suspect job in the end.

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Really, how often does some idiot shoot their sink? I think the cautionary tale here is about guns, not sink sizes. Stainless steel sinks are pretty darn hard to kill.

We have this sink

It's in a 30" base. The flange sits right on the edges of the cabinets, maximizing sink space. We've had no problems with it, and it looks great. I wouldn't want to go smaller on the off chance someone sets off a bomb in the sink one day.

Here is an old pic of the sink, the only closeup I have right now.

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lothia , I measured the flat portion of the sink bottom and came up with a measurement of about 23"x12.5".
At that point the bottom begins to roll up to the sides.
I've been using the sink for about 2 1/2 years and I have to say it's plenty big.

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Minimum base cabinet listed for the Blanco above is 30 inches (and my Orca is 33, which I have), so I don't think one would be "forgoing" needed clips if that's the specification. Though I don't know how they secure it, it must be designed for that type of installation, maybe one of the granite people here can comment? You could also look into a sink setter, which some on here have used and they look like it would be much easier to change out a sink.

I'd certainly agree about trying to go smaller than the recommended size though. I was originally going to get a Silgranite 33 in for my 33 in cabinet. Then I had The Great Sink Freakout of April and changed to the Orca the day before I ordered. I was concerned about breakage (I am always the person with the 1/1000 bad luck) and I had read one too many times warnings about scooping sides, especially on frameless cabinets, which I have.

Many here have a greater risk tolerance. I'm risk averse. I paid so much for my new cabinets I was nauseous all day when I ordered them. No way I was busting one apart for a broken sink!

Listen to your gut on this, it will tell you which way to go!

(And as a responsible gun owner, I must add that the guy that shot the sink violated one of the most important rules of handling a gun: always treat a gun as if it were loaded until you personally verify otherwise. Plus one that is only slightly less critical: only put your finger on the trigger when you are ready to shoot. One of the few requirements in NY that makes sense is the need for a safety course before you apply for a permit, sounds like this guy could benefit from one too!)

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I'm glad to find this thread on Blanco Super Single I have a 30" cabinet but want this sink. However, I am confused because the spec's on the Blanco site say minimum 33" cabinet n Amazon it says required 30" interior space (which would also indicate a 33" cabinet).

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I have a stainless steel, apron front sink from Julien. It is not a brand I heard about here, but am very happy with it. I have the classic 000230. It is 27" interior and I have found it to be plenty big. It is a nice heavy 16g. They have many sinks that are not apron front as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Julien sink

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