Suggestions how to re-center light in front of kitchen window?

SparklingWaterJune 4, 2013

Sorry to ask here, but the LF is a little slow these days and am hoping one of you have dealt with a similar problem.

Our re-model is at drywall stage in the main kitchen/pantry cabinet area.

The area of concern today is the pantry eat in space/nook (7 1/2 feet wide by 5 feet deep). There is one centered east wall window, in front of which hangs an 18" wide chain link pendent currently suspended by it's cable via a small hook screwed to a vertical metal piece that screws into a ceiling joist beam? The chain link cable swings from the hook to the fixture 5" diameter canapie attached to the ceiling electrical. This setup is the way they did it years ago, when either the owner didn't want to block the window line of vision with full light or a joist inhibited direct suspension in front of the window.

I want to center the fixture in front of the window if possible. It seems to me this should have been checked by now, before drywall so a ceiling patch could have been done if indeed the centered fixture were possible. Even if it is not, isn't there a way to run wires to the center window area to allow a flush or semi-flush so it is centered in the ceiling and window? I have a call in to my GC obviously. Lots of other electrical fixtures have been removed and patched but not this.

The eat in space isn't that big, so a mini-chandelier or pendent will be fine. I just don't want it off center. And a LOT of newer type pendents and modern mini-chandeliers are suspended by poles with a few links of chain at the top.

My question is: how can I get a suspended light fixture (20" wide max) hung in the center of the ceiling, not off 5 inches to one side as it currently is? The electrician said he would do this "if possible" but what about the drywall patch etc? Does it sound like they know it's not possible?

Little frustrated here. All has gone well to date: lighting is my weakest point of knowledge. Your advice is welcomed. Thanks.

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Well, I've found some suggestions on a prior GW thread by 2littlefishes: "Where do I Place a light over table that isn't centered?"

a. Hook
b. pull romex through center area, then buy light (means patch)

Should have searched first.

Here is a link that might be useful: re-center light link

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