Silestone Bianco River & Lyra - pics please. Other quartz ideas?

beepsJune 9, 2012

Sorry to be bombarding the board with questions but I'm down to the wire on some decisions and working without having samples in many cases. I have decided to have the builder put in all standard faucet fixtures, door hardware, lights, bath fixtures, etc. so that I can decide on those later. Besides which his options/upcharges are more than retail (as if he pays retail!) and he gives no allowance if you don't get the standard stuff. So, rather than donate to a rich builder's pocket, I'm having them put in all the standard stuff, then when I get there I'll strip it all, put in what I want, and donate the standard stuff to Habitat for Humanity. I'm only deciding on things that aren't part of the "jewelry" - but that's still a lot of stuff! (I've decided to postpone the backsplash decision. Watching others try to make their decisions I clearly need to test the BS glass tiles in the house once the cabinets are up and the granite down.)

All that said - I'm still trying to decide on bathroom vanity tops. I'm thinking of Silestone, and was leaning toward the Bianco River but can't find any really good pics of it online. And the sample I got here today at Home Depot doesn't look like what I saw a few months ago. So - I'd appreciate any pictures of Silestone in Bianco River and Lyra (as well as Lagoon, which someone else has asked for).

With re to the Lyra - is the background more of a grayish white or more of a white-white?


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HEre's a Bianco River from


sometimes it's easier to compare when you see them together. Sorry... I couldn't get the first one to embed

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Thanks for finding those... I have trouble searching on houzz - all kinds of stuff comes up even when I use the "Bianco River" method. I wish they were top down shots. :) I just want everything, I know!

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We used Lyra for our island. Just do a search for thread with Quartz in its name and my finished kitchen pic thread will pop up. It takes awhile to open due to the size of the pics...sorry.

But, the background is a soft, creamy white, not gray. We absolutely love it! Let me know if you cant find it or want some more pics.

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Hi, does anyone have any new or different pics of Bianco River, Lyra and Lagoon Silestone? I need to make a decision by Friday and can't decide b/w the three. The samples are just too small. Thanks so much!

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