Square vs. rounded countertop corners

may_flowersJune 13, 2012

Our templator said we should go with rounded inside corners in our U-shaped kitchen because "If there was a problem with your Caesarstone cracking, the company would use that as an excuse to void the warranty." He further explained that he could do it, but we should make the corner a certain radius to be safe. He advised us to make the outside corners rounded too so the inside and outside match.

We were confused, so went to the showroom and spoke to our saleswoman, the owner's daughter, and she said he just prefers not to do square corners. She said for the contemporary look we want, we need to do square.

Have you ever heard of such a thing?

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Oh yeah, I've actually been in the middle of that with a customer warranty issue on that one. (One that the customer had to pay to have the crack repaired rather than the manufacturer.) You want to choose at least a small radius rather than a sharp 90 degree corner. Sharp inside corners stress much worse when your cabinets or floors (inevitably) settle. Sharp outside corners are there merely to slice your skin open if you get too close. You can still get a modern look with a 1/2" radius.

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Yes. I wanted square for the modern look I love, but I have rounded corners for the possible absence of chipping or damage. I am sorry, today, that I didn't get square corners. But perhaps if I were to get damage, oh, I don't know, but yes, I have heard of such a thing and did such a thing-even tho I wanted modern. another slight regret, very, very, very slight. i am happy.

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Thank you, live_wire_oak! I wasn't sure what radius he recommended, but it's good to have a number now. I'll go find some pics of a 1/2 in. radius.

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Just to put it in an easy to picture perspective - a quarter is just under an inch in diameter. So your 1/2" radius corner would be approximately the size of 1/4 of that quarter. Pretty close to square when applied to a countertop.

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I just went to the granite showroom today to discuss this very thing. The salesman told me the inside corners should always be slightly rounded, not sharp. And for the outside corners, they can be sharper but he said the same thing live wire did about catching yourself on the corners. I'm going to look for pics now of 1/2" radius.

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I just did a 1/2" radius and it looks fairly square. I will try to remember to take a picture tomorrow.

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Here is a graphic of different edges. I'm going with eased edges to go with the more contemporary look. (Although considering beveled also.) As someone said in another thread, the full bullnose looks somewhat dated now, although frankly I still like it. It looks more finished to me for some reason than the eased edge. Notice that with the eased the corners aren't 90 degrees.

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Here's something I just found. This is pretty helpful for me since the showroom didn't have all these corners on display. I couldn't find anything good to show inside corners.

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That's a good graphic! C looks acceptable to me, and that's a 1 inch radius.

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