Satin nickel faucet with polished nickel hardware?

SparklingWaterJune 20, 2013

I choose satin nickel for our Blanco Grace II faucet, as we have a galley kitchen with separate attached (through wide door way) eat in pantry room and have stainless appliances. The kitchen/pantry is traditional and doors open to side rooms like DR which has polished brass hardware.

The remodel seems to be taking on a life of it's own due to satin sheen of cabinets, glass uppers and counter top.

I'd like to do polished nickel hardware instead of original brushed nickel as my samples of the later seem too dark against the stark white and tall cabinets. A light fixture over the to be built banquette, away from the cab hardware is oyster gray shade with chrome fixture at ceiling.

What do you think about switching to polished nickel hardware for reasons above. Thanks for your help; got to make my decision soon. Have studied lots of pictures too.

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Holly- Kay

Go with what you love. I looked forever for hardware and I finally found one that I loved in Michaelangelo bronze that was a good bit different than the American Bronze of my faucet. When I put them together, even though they were different, they blended beautifully.

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I agree with holly, go with what you love. I have satin nickel hardware and brushed nickel faucet, they look the same visually. I think if they are both in the same color family, they will look fine together. The hardware is eye candy, you just stare at it, so you have to go with your heart as to what finish to choose, you don't want regrets.

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I think so too. I'm not a purist and I'm being tugged towards a brighter shade of hardware in my space. Thanks for quick answers and support-although I always listen, even if not what i want to hear.

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bumping this up.

Anyone out there who's actually done what I'm proposing?

My California migrated lighting designer-who's helped me immensely on many kitchen design issues, is a bit more of a purist on finishes. My notes of our early discussion show he suggested hardware in satin or stainless steel for their sheen but not brushed nickel which is more matte. Antique nickel, brass, antique (aged) bronze etc was also high, polished nickel not so much.

Also, I recently saw a "what's new in 2013 kitchens" and it said popular hardware are satin, orb, some brass, but not seeing as much polished.

If you know of a "bright" satin cabinet hardware maker, please do share. A lot might depend on the base metal in the collection. :/

Thanks again.

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