Anyone have travertine tile floors for more than 10 years?

scorpionleatherJune 3, 2013

I am considering vein cut travertine floors for our kitchen and adjoining rooms. But I hear completely conflicting things about the durability for spills and scratches.

This time I would like to hear from people who actually have travertine floors for more than 10 years.

I noticed that the South Coast Plaza shopping mall has travertine tiles, and that place is subject to a LOT of traffic and wear, but the tiles look nice. Also noticed travertine in some high traffic hotel lobbies.

Is it only fragile for those kind of people who feel compelled to buy a new car as soon as the driver door gets a tiny parking dent? Or, is it truly high maintenance? I am so confused.

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I have travertine tile floors in my kitchen, but not sure this is going to be too helpful since they don't appear to be vein cut. They were put in by the previous owners before we moved in 11 years ago. Even when we first moved in, they were a little rustic looking with natural pockmarks here and there. I think there are more of those little holes now as the factory filling have started coming out over time. As for staining, it's not a problem if you seal the tiles every year - at least that is my experience. I'm a messy cook and it's not unusual to find me wiping sauces/batter off the floor. Haha! Also, one good thing about the honed tiles is that scratches on the surface aren't that obvious. I would suspect that scratches would be more obvious on polished tiles. I think if you're going for polished tiles, they will require more upkeep to keep them looking perfect than the honed tiles that already look imperfect to begin with.

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Sophie Wheeler

A lot of the "travertine" tiles that you see in commercial installations are actually porcelain lookalikes, not real travertine.

Vein cut silver travertine?

No. Emser Perspective.

Gold and noche travertine?

No, Emser Colosseum.

Ivory travertine?

Emser Rossini.

And that's just 3 from one single tile line. There are tons more out there that can stand up to abuse. Travertine can't.

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The floor tile at the South Coast Plaza mall looks like real travertine. Upon close examination I can see the wear marks and chipped areas. In some parts of the mall it has a natural aged look, which gives it character. I am wondering if that is the kind of "natural wear" that some people freak out over, if it was in their kitchen. I wouldn't want to have to seal it every year though. I would get a honed surface and seal it maybe once every 5 to 10 years to be realistic.

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They replaced much of the tile at SCP (Macy's wing) within the past five or so years. So while it gets a ton of wear, it really isn't that old.

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