Firsthouse_mp, Did I miss any recent photos??

berardmrJune 7, 2014

It's been a rough month or so and I finally have the time to check out the beautiful kitchens and designs.

One of my all-time favorite "work in progress" kitchen remodel is firsthouse. Has she shared any pictures recently? I am so anxious to see that marble hood.

Firsthouse, if you read this, can you throw me a bone? Pretty please? I am hopelessly in love, sigh.

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Lots of progress this week berard! It's the final push and house is finally looking like it's "close"..... happy dance going on here at our house now that school is over, weather is beautiful, house is almost there. It's all good :)

DD walking through the house, faux beams not yet covered (I don't think we are going to keep this light fixture--ended up being a bit too large):

Backsplash in (and matched to hood!):

Range in:



Family Room:

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Your house and kitchen are gorgeous, you've made wonderful choices and your craftspeople have executed those ideas with great skill. I can't wait to see it completed!

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Oh, my! Gorgeous! I love the floors. (Who am I kidding? I love it all!)

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Glad to see it, thank you! The range hood has turned out beyond beautiful!!

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It just gets better and better! Thank you for the update(s).

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All fabulous! Even DD looks very chic.

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Who is the maker of your French doors?

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firsthouse, thanks for the island color in your other thread. It looks much bluer in that thread than here. I'm glad to see it in a different light. That is so cool how your range bs flows right in with your hood. At a distance, it looks like it's one big piece of marble going all of the way up the wall. I guess that's what you wanted it to look like! Great success.

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ineffable: The metal doors have a whole story (not good) about their manufacturer. I don't even want to name them because it ended up not working how I thought. They were incredibly delayed, they don't function 100% and they were crazy expensive. I couldn't recommend them if they paid me!

Thanks for the nice always, it has been a journey and it includes the comments and knowledge of many GW people along the way. Where would we be without freedom of speech and websites??? Where would I be without the input of Romy, jellytoast and CEFreeman and others who I follow religiously to gain knowledge, design ideas and creative input?

Two more you all know, the last few weeks are a huge "leap" from not done to done!

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What a fabulous house! Sorry to hear about the door fiasco. At least they look great!

Can you share the wood floor manufacturer and any other details on your gorgeous hardwoods?

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aktillery: Those are pre-engineered floors by DuChateau. I had them in my old house too and love the way they hide flaws (read: people/dogs in my house who are not careful and drop things constantly!). They are easy to keep clean and I love the grayish color of them.

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Are the floors going to keep that matte powdery surface color? That's my favorite part.

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Yes the floors are "matte" and not in any way glossy or shiny. This is one of the reasons that I like this finish. It hides a lot of things. I once had shiny floors and it showed every dog hair and every dent. These floors are finished with that grayish/taupish color and pretty much stay that way.

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I have newly installed/finished oak floors and I'm really happy that I picked matte. The floor installers were very skeptical but I insisted.

Your design inspires me to put more thought into how I can make my hood work, design-wise, in my small kitchen with no uppers. I so admire how you made yours a feature rather than a monstrosity ;) .

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Hello! thanks for the new photos. I am just getting back online after some time away. Do you have a more recent thread that shows the current status of your project? Yep, I'm obsessed with your kitchen. Thanks!

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