Will sealant change the color of my marble countertop?

petuniatwelveJune 28, 2012

We are having honed valley gold marble countertops installed soon. I'd always assumed sealing them was the thing to do. But, the stone fabricator wants to do a sample because he says sealing is going to change its color. Now, I'm nervous! But, I've seen so many beautiful photos of sealed Calcutta and Carreras on this site and never noticed any graying...I'm feeling as though regardless of any color variance, sealing should be the priority...yours tips and wisdom would be so welcome!

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I used 511 on my Carrara. The color did not change at all. I wouldn't go without a sealer either.

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Hi Petunia,

I have Vermont Danby marble--very, very white with grey and a little warmer veining.

I used Porous Plus 511, and didn't notice any color change at all.

Even though Danby marble is denser and less prone to staining than the italian marbles, there's no way I'd go unsealed--Porous Plus 511 is bulletproof. While my countertops etch, they don't have a single stain...and that's after coffee stains, etc have sat without my noticing them for hours, and even overnight.

I researched the heck out of my sealer choice. 511 is a GW favorite, and I'm so glad I used it.

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I am currently testing marble samples for my countertops and sealer has definitely changed the color, although perhaps not in a bad way. I am testing Vermont Danby using 511 Impregnator vs Porous Plus vs unsealed. I was going to start a thread on this with photos but don't know if folks would be interested. Re: color change - this is a photo of my 3cm honed Vermont marble. You can definitely see a line between the sealed and unsealed side. Sealed side is lighter, almost as if it was slightly bleached.

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I used Dupont BulletProof Stone Sealer on carrera marble backsplash and it did not change the appearance at all.

You should do a test to be sure in your case. For a marble countertop, I think you'd have to use a sealant for it to be practical.

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