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heidiaJune 19, 2013

Tell me what you did with your lower corner cabs instead of using the usual lazy susan. I know a lazy susan is not going to work for me. I am leaning towards doing this,

But it will be 1K more than the lazy susan. Ouch! Still may be worth it, but I wonder if there are other options that I can consider.

So tell me what you did. :)

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I really do like the corner drawers -

but then there's something like this -

and this - doing the same on the lower corner cab area as is done on this upper one

I think that part on the right side of this one swings forward

this one is by Diamond cabs. there's a graphic of it on their website that shows you its 'innards'. They are like petals that slide forward to you

then there's something like this - it gives you some LS space/access plus more... you could put double slide out 'drawers' (ROTS) on that right side. Or whatever would work for whatever you want to store there.

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I have two dead spaces and plenty cabinets, so just couldn't see spending the extra money. We're going with the standard lazy susans and will store stuff rarely used on them.

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I have a U-shaped kitchen, so two corners. One will have a lazy susan with a diagonal door (so they are full circles) and a drawer above it; the other will be closed off, with drawers on both sides of the corner. I think I will use the LS for larger items - crock pot, cast iron frying pans, blender, though I won't know for sure until the new cabinets are installed.

I've seen corner drawers as you've shown, and I think they are an interesting alternative to a LS, but I would do it with a diagonal corner, so the drawer fronts are straight across. Those little corners in the front of the drawers would drive me batty - I would never be able to use all those little corners efficiently. And there is still a fair amount of dead space at the sides of the drawers.

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I strongly dislike lazy susans. We're going with the "peanut" - a Hafele LeMans unit. It's an area where I will be storing some of my larger, more difficult items...most of the rest of the kitchen will be drawer I'm planning that I'll be able to put my bread maker in there, a crockpot, and a few other bigger pieces. While the drawer idea was appealing, I knew that I needed a spot for certain pieces and that drawers weren't going to work well for them, so I opted for the LeMans. Ours will go in without a drawer above.

Modern Kitchen by San Francisco General Contractors Bill Fry Construction - Wm. H. Fry Const. Co.

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Sophie Wheeler

A good super susan with the wood shelves and no pole beats almost anything out there for the amount of storage that you get and the ease of access to it. If all you are used to is the crappy plastic ones with a pole, I understand your reluctance to put one in again. Quality makes a world of difference.

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I closed my blind corner off and I am very happy about that.

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We filled the corner with brick and left a small counter level hole for spices and such.

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What is a "good" one? What is the alternative to the pole? (I'd like to see a picture!) And, can you replace a poled one with the "good" one without changing out cabinets?

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A super susan doesn't have a pole - the turntable sits on a full shelf. They are capable of supporting a lot more weight, and larger items, without the pole in the middle.

I have 2 lazy susans now, 25 years old (the kind where the door is attached to the turntables, and swings into the cabinet to open). One f them has been fine - nothing heavy on it. The other one requires periodic adjustment, as the weight causes the turntables to slip a little down the pole, which in turn causes the attached door to catch on the cabinet frame.

Here is a link that might be useful: old super susan thread

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Another p'nut purchaser here.

Storage capacity is only about the same as the magic corner types, but accessibility is much better.

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I also hate lazy susans, and I have two blind corners. In one, I put two shelves, similar to what desertsteph posted above, but the bottom shelf slides out into the kitchen and the higher shelf slides from the "blind" part of the cabinet to the accessible part. This cabinet will be used for the huge stockpot, and other things that aren't used frequently.

The other corner has a Magic Corner II from Hafele - there's a video on the webpage that shows how it works. I think it provides more actually usable space, even though it doesn't make use of all of it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Magic Corner II

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Corner space shouldn't be wasted! I can't imagine deadening out that much storage! To each his own, I guess.

I have a "U" with two corners - both open on the sides.

In one corner I have a corner prep sink. Under it I have storage for:

  • Cutting boards (on the left) [in a tray rack]

  • Pizza stones & cast iron pans (on the right) [in a tray rack]

  • Empty cans (for fat draining), lotion, & granite cleaner (Method) in the middle.

In the other corner, I have a 27" cabinet turned 90 degrees to face outside the kitchen as our "Pet Zone". It's 27" wide b/c I needed "filler" on the kitchen side to allow the drawers on either side of the corner to clear each other. It should have been 30", though, b/c I needed to clear the handle on my warming drawer that sticks out a couple of inches farther than the drawer pulls - we had to add another 2" of filler to the peninsula side (where the 27" cabinet is).

This need for filler, btw, is something people don't usually mention when they talk about deadening out a corner and flanking the corner with drawer're not just creating a 24"x24" dead zone, it's more like 28" x 28" - and that's a significant amount of space!

It should be noted that I really wanted a super susan where the Pet Zone is - I wanted it for my small appliances! It's a minor regret - although it is nice having the dog food, etc. outside the kitchen. I gave up my super susan in deference to my DH's desire to have the Pet Zone. My small appliances now take up valuable space in my rather small pantry...oh well! my old kitchen, I had a builder-grade lazy susan (w/the plastic shelves and center pole). It held all my pots & pans, colanders, and several larger serving pieces. That stuff was not light! When we demolished the kitchen, it was the only cabinet that worked as well the last day as the first day 13 years earlier! It held pots & pans for 13 years and never sagged and always worked smoothly! It was a great cabinet!

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heidia, I think those drawers look awesome! That said, we just had a really high quality super susan installed, and I love it. Yes, you lose a little space in the back corners. I have my pots and pans on the bottom, save for my stock pot which is on the top, along with my mixing bowls. It really does work for me.

Still, had I seen those drawers, I think I would have gone with them. I expect, though, they are expensive in comparison.

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Kathy Rivera

I have a relatively small kitchen and I did a super susan in one with the nice wooden turntables and decided to leave the other dead. We toyed around with putting a blind corner pullout in, but in the end, for my kitchen, I didn't need the extra 'hardly used' back storage there (especially at the cost!), and I gained a bit in the cab/drawer size on the walls by leaving the corner dead. So think about your space and your stuff and decide if you even need it. Or maybe you only need one.

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