Just beginning remodel of kitchen...lots of ???'s

hopealliswellJune 10, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Just joined as I found Garden Web when googled: stove top vs. slide in range. I have a kitchen (approx.13X16)and want to add an island for more prep space/storage)and a hubby and a 16 yr. old son, yes, off to college in 2 years. Like to cook/entertain. Budget reasonable, not unlimited. I'm considering a gas slide-in range with double ovens (smaller above larger one below.)I like the idea of a small oven on top, which I can use on the many nights when its just my son and I. Has anyone had experience with such. I was pointed to GE Profile 30" w/5 burners. Have researched a bit, one complaint about one of these double oven ranges (maytag)is that spills from the stove go in the oven windows making it impossible to clean. But the whole idea seemed good in terms of saving space as well as the smaller oven.

Has anyone had experience with one of these "newer contraptions?"

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Hi! I don't have any answers, but while the group in the kitchen forum is awesome and may have some advice, I would suggest also posting in Appliances. They have great discussions over there specific to appliances and some very knowledgeable posters. I learned a lot over there when I was looking at inductions ranges, especially comparing pros/cons and models.

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Are you going to be doing a major remodel where you are moving the location of appliances? Where will the island be places in conjunction to the combo? I grew up with a stove/oven combo and I like them separated. I like to be able to tell my hubby to stir the sauce while I get the meatballs from the oven and not have to disturb him. If you have oven doors where they haven't been before, just make sure there is clearance for people to pass by you to get to the sink, fridge, etc. Especially keep this in mind since you are adding an island. While it adds prep and storage, it also changes the flow of traffic.

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I have the Maytag double oven gas range with waist high broiler. I love this stove. I am tall and was tired of laying on the floor to watch the food while broiling or toasting especially since I was in the path of the swinging door and have curious cats. I use the smaller oven most of the time for my two adult house but at the holidays, this helps me get everything to the table hot. I have not had any problem with spills on the glass doors. The only negative is more for DH than me, he complains that the knobs to turn the burners on are in reverse (he's a southpaw). I have a tiny kitchen and if I had the room I would have done a wall oven and a cooktop. I hate bending.

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Christie Ingram

I have had the Maytag electric version (about 5 years old) and I love the two ovens, we use the top one 95% of the time. I have had a spill go between the windows, and it is annoying, but we still love it. We are going to be replacing it with double wall ovens in our kitchen remodel and I am going to miss it.

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We just installed a GE slide in electric with double oven this past weekend. I used the top oven twice now and so far I love it! I love that it is smaller and uses less energy. Alot of times I just put one pan in the oven, like a frozen pizza, and it's perfect for that. I also do alot of baking and the lower oven is convection so I can't wait to try that. That will have to wait until all my baking supplies are out of storage. You'll definitley need to bend over to use the lower oven, so keep that in mind if it's a problem for you.

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Thank you ladies!!! Yes, williamsem, I am going check out appliances forum, good suggest. Bahacca, I will gut the existing kitchen and move some appliances, all appliances will be new. Probably leave sink and dishwasher in same place. I really should take a picture of existing kitchen and figure out how to get it on here so you beautiful people can continue giving me great advice. Island will be situated so that there is flow room for new configuration. Catlover5, I hate bending over too, and I'm short! I can do it but that's part of why I liked the double slide in, that small stove on top!!! And the fact (rocketmom) that it's small (energy saving.) Christie327, if you loved yours so much, can you tell me specifically why you're changing to wall ovens? I'd like to have a small wall oven over a larger one. Do people do that? I really think I wouldn't mind the larger one being lower, as I hardly ever use it! That'd be more $$$ too. Ahhh! I'd like to put the cooktop (if that's the route I go) in the island but then I'd need a vent hood installed (I've been told the downdrafts don't really work) and I don't think I want a hood hanging down in the middle of my not very big kitchen. Thanks for hearing me vent about a vent!!!

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I am 5'3" and I have double wall ovens. I cook turkeys and heavy roasts in the lower oven, because it's easier to lift up than down. So a larger oven on the bottom will work if you are short.

I have a wall oven instead of a range because the oven is installed through the wall out into the garage, which saves a lot of cupboard space in the kitchen. But having had both range and wall oven, I do prefer the wall. When it's on, you don't have to stand in front of it to use the stove. Utensils and knives are handy in the thin drawer right under the cooktop, and I have two big drawers for pots and pans right under there, too. If you are going to get electric, you should at least look into induction. It is wonderful. There are beautiful, sleek hoods for over islands. If you don't have gas, you don't need as much power, but you still need a hood.

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Thank you so much Ginny! Although I've had a couple opportunities to remodel kitchen's/homes, I haven't really had the option of a wall oven and cooktop. I had read in another post that the space under a cooktop is limited but your input eases my mind. I think I'm going to be in this home for a while so I really want to make it the best possible remodel that I can. Thanks again, I really appreciate your input. More questions to come I'm sure! All the Best to You. Hope

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The space under a cooktop can be limited, depending on the restrictions specified by the manufacturer. My KA induction required very little space down to the combustible material. GE, I think, used to require 12". You need to check the installation diagram for the model you want. You can find them on line. It was tedious, but worth it to be able to get a drawer right under the cooktop. I think in that recent thread a Bosch induction user said she was able to have a drawer, too, and I think I had also considered a Miele, so it must have also allowed a drawer.

I selected my KA not only because of the drawer, but also because it had a bridge burner, which is good for pan gravy. LG also makes a bridge burner. If you do go for induction, check out the various features carefully.

If I were getting induction today, I'd look into the "zone-free" model that was not available when I purchased. I can't remember who makes it.

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LOL! I got curious, so I looked up the new zone free induction. It's the Thermador Freedom, and it will list at $4949 when it comes out in July. A little rich for my blood, I'm afraid. (The zone free AEG 36" induction cooktop that is available in Canada is less $2K, I'm pretty sure.) Thought I'd let you know since I was rash enough to mention it. As Emily Latella used to say on SNL, "Never mind!" (am I dating myself?)

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Thanks Peeps. I think I'm going to go with a Gas top, double oven, one small and the bottom one bigger, GE Prob. My kitchen is just under 16' x 13' and I think I want to keep it simple. I like to cook but not bake a lot so...this should work just fine. Induction sounds too complicated w/ new pans and cost! Thanks Emily Latella! JK! No you're not dating yourself, you among good company...I remember her well!

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Hi! Welcome to the stressful world of kitchen remodeling :) We have a smallish galley kitchen but I wanted a double oven so we bought a Whirlpool Gold gas range. I love having the smaller oven on top and I primarily use just that one. This set-up does have it's pros and cons, though. On the positive side, the oven seems to warm up quickly, you use less gas because it's a smaller space to heat up, it's easy to look into and reach into the oven and my smaller oven has a keep warm option - low heat. I also have a self clean function (I think most stoves do now?) and a broiler on top. The one negative that I've found is that it's hard to get anything out of the bottom oven because it's so low to the ground. If you have back problems (like I do), this may be something to look into.

I posted a pic of mine...

Good luck with your kitchen and choice!

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Thanks Butterfly! Glad to hear you like your set up with double oven excepting the lower biggie. I really don't use it that often, so maybe it won't bother me. You have inspired me to re-check the heights/lowness of this choice before I buy. Thanks for the picture and reminder of options. You and GW are awesome. Good luck to you if you are still in your renovations. Hope!

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