Dupont Zodiaq quartz counter

bethankfulJune 16, 2014

I'm considering this beautiful quartz countertop instead of granite in my kitchen remodel but I'm unable to view a full slab anywhere - how can you make a decision based on a 6x6 sample?Has anyone seen this in person?

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The product is made in a factory rather than strip mined from the earth, so you will find that it is much more consistent with your sample than what you may be familiar with in choosing a granite.

That being said, there apparently can be slight variations sheet to sheet. When you have selected a fabricator that is going to do the work you should be able to go to their site and see the product and ensure the sheets look good and agree with your sample/expectations. If you are buying from Big Orange or Big Blue, you can ask them who does their work for that product in your area.

If you color is not super popular, however, they may not stock it until you order it. I would make sure though that you still have a chance to approve and reject it if for some reason it is not consistent with the sample. But there is a lot less variation than natural stone.

Some people believe that granite is over. The Zodiaq is much nicer. (my opinion before all the granite people pile on)

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Sophie Wheeler

It's one of the most expensive of the quartz materials, and the harder to find. Ever since they yanked their products from Lowes, they don't have the market penetration that they used to. The distributors are few, and don't even stock all of the colors. That leaves the fabricators not really wanting to deal with them very much. And customers only being able to choose from small samples.

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I have a similar Zodiaq color in my bathroom, and made my decision based on a small sample. There are plenty of people who offer it in our area, but I was only able to see the 6"x6" to make my decision. If it helps at all, the sample was representative of the final product.

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We put in a Zodiaq quartz counter one year ago for our sink counter. I love it. We put granite on the island. I like it but not as well as the Zodiaq. They are similar in functionality BUT the Zodiaq shows no dirt or streaks. It has a surface patterns that just somehow works to hide streaks and such. It is wonderful.

Here is a link that might be useful: zodaq sink counter

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