Silgranit vs. SS sink

marcia59June 19, 2013

I like stainless steel sinks. I don't mean I'm madly in love and think they're gorgeous, just that I grew up with one, the things that bother people who don't like them don't bother me and I've been assuming that's the way I'd go.

Reading here and seeing all the love for silgranit, I had to look at the website. Those are nice, too. I'm not jumping up and down with glee, but they're nice. Maybe they're more exciting in person?

Anyway, I kept seeing them referred to as a pricey option and so I was assuming, since the budget isn't unlimited, that I'd go with the stainless figuring I like it fine and it would be less expensive.

But it doesn't seem to be. In fact, the silgranit I'd get is LESS expensive than a stainless sink I'm looking at.

I'm just wondering if I'm not looking in the right place for stainless or if the silgranit that I'd want just happens to be a relatively reasonable one.

There's a Franke sink that's coming in at about $521 from retailers I know and trust like

And the silgranit sink I'd probably get is only $396, which is a decent sized difference.

Am I just mistaken about the relative costs of silgranit and stainless?

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There are different grades of stainless steel sinks. I didn't realize it until I was at the store and saw them side-by-side - the difference is really striking.

A higher-end SS sink has higher-grade steel and nicer polish, and will cost more than a Silgranit II sink.

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Here is a thread that gives a lot of different opinions. I am SO in the Silgranit camp!

If you must have stainless (and if you are unsure now, and not thrilled, you should not get it, because it is a permanent fixture in your kitchen), look at the Kraus stainless steel sinks sold at expressdecor and at overstock. Overstock has reviews, and also you can do a search on this forum with the search words "Kraus sink". A lot of bang for the buck, no need to spend the money on big-name brands that are thinner gauge stainless for a higher price than the thicker-gauge Kraus.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread about stainless and Silgranit sinks

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I have a Blanco Silgranit sink in my kitchen and put a Blanco stainless steel sink in my parents' kitchen.

I chose the Silgranit because it was about half the price of a comparable Blanco SS sink (around â¬150 vs. â¬300, I live in Europe).

I remodeled to sell my condo so cost was an important factor, I prefer the look of stainless but as Silgranit is more trendy and happened to be cheaper I thought that the Silgranit would be a smart choice.

I regret it, in my experience the sink never looks clean, it is anthracite color and the hard water in my area leaves stains. I have to wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth and then it looks clean for about a minute.
The stainless steel sink in my parents' kitchen is far easier to keep clean. I won't put another Silgranit sink in my next kitchen.

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Barthelemy - that is very unusual. Most everyone who has Silgranit says it's a dream to keep clean, and you can hardly know when it is even dirty. We have hard water in my area, and my friend's Silgranit Super Single in anthracite never shows anything. She is not good about cleaning, so I'd see if the anthracite was showing stains. Perhaps you don't have Blanco Silgranit, but another brand's granite composite sink.

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I do have a Blanco (model DALAGO 600 mm) and understand that my experience is different from most GWers as I had read the rave reviews about Silgranit on GW before purchasing my sink :/ ...

I once talked with a KD about my sink and she told me that many people face the same staining problem with granite composite sinks, whatever the brand and color. Maybe it is just the water in my area ...

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Have you tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser ?

Here is a link that might be useful: Silgranite stain fixes

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I went with a siligranit sink because of our hard water. I have read that the stainless is difficult to keep clean with hard water. I have biscuit, so not sure how the anthracite manages. My sister has a stainless sink and loves it. I have to say ss is nice looking with stainless appliances and especially attractive with a stainless hood. My advice is if you are slightly hesitant with one of them then don't go for that one.

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