Vitamin - please rate presets

pirulaJune 24, 2013


Yay! My blender finally bit the dust! So, I'm in the market finally for a Vitamix.

I'm considering the 300 and the 750. The main differences seem to be the presets and about $150. So I'm wondering, those of you who have the blenders with the presets do you love them? Is it worth it? They sound great to me, but would appreciate some real world experience.


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I bought the 750 - Amortize it over 7-8 years, and the difference is minute. I use the pre-sets all of the time. Once I learn the tricks, maybe, I won't need them anymore...but for now - I push the button and walk away from the noise - they are loud!!

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I thought this was going to be a thread about Centrum versus One-a-Day.

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Love the presets, especially the timed rinse cycle. 1 drop of detergent, 1/2 blender hot water, run through cycle, rinse quickly and all clean.

We use the smoothie cycle all the time and it's really on the mark.

It's great to launch a cycle and then just walk away.

Good luck and please post your successes :)

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I too love the presets of the 750. I figured if I was going the luxury route, I wanted to go all the way as the $$ difference was minimal since I was already in sticker shock. :-)

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Pirula, I sent you a private message. But I forgot to say, our Vitamix does not have the presets (they hadnt come out yet when we got ours) and it is fine. But I do drool over the presets when I see them on demonstration. I think I would recommend to not get the VM that has the higher powered motor though. I would have to check which model number that is. My understanding is it does not have the slowest speed of the models with the standard motor, which can be very helpful at times. Also, I think with the container that comes with that motor, it is not as easy to run small batches. Like it takes a minimum of 1-1/2 cups instead of 1/2 cup, or something like that.

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Hi angela - which model is the one with issues with small volumes. That is very important to me as I often make half a cup of hummus or pesto or curry paste as I prefer to make it fresh each time.

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GWlolo, let me find out and get back to you. I always get the model numbers mixed up because some of them are specific model numbers only for Costco or QVC or whatever, and I think some of the model numbers have to do with which containers come with the VM. I do have that info saved, I just have to find it . . . . hopefully I will be posting the answer in a couple minutes.

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GW - any of the shorter/fatter models will have this issue - but when I bought my 750 - I also got a second container for $50 - so I can make smaller amounts.

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At the low speed (variable speed 1), the 5200 and others with the 2hp motor goes much slower than the Pro 750 at variable speed 1 with the 2.2hp motor and the longer blades in the wide base container. So it chops at a slower speed, which I read to mean chopped and not "blended". You can try using variable speed 1 and pulse on the 750 so you don't end up over processing.

5200, 5200c, 5200s, Creations I, Creations II, Creations GC, CIA Professional Series, Pro 200, Total Nutrition Center, TurboBlend VS, etc. are all basically the same 2hp machine with different names.

The Pro 500 and the 6300 are those 2hp machines with pre-set buttons, they also have pulse.

Pro 300, Pro 750, Creations Elite, and the 7500 (The "Next Generation" Machines) all have the same motor base. The Creations Elite comes with a 48 oz. container, the others come with the short/squat 64 oz wider bottom container. The Pro 750 has pre-sets. These all have the 2.2hp motor that is supposed to be quieter (suspended motor design).
Regarding the ones with the short 64oz container, you would need to buy an extra. wet container with the smaller bottom (for example, the 32oz) because the bigger bottomed container doesn't do well with recipes under 2 cups. The 32 oz. does great with recipes that go down to as little as 3/4 of a cup and one cup recipes like mayonnaise, pesto, salad dressings, and marinades. Plus it is easier to get these smaller batches out of it, because the sides are not so high.

I think it is the "next generation" machine where the fan runs during all of the variable speeds, or that may be the Pro 500 and the 6300. The Pro 750 has 2 additional presets (puree and clean) along with pulse.

A lot of the model numbers have to do with which cookbook the blender comes with, which containers, and sometimes where it is sold. (for example 5200S and 6300 are both Costco models)

Note the difference in the dry container and the wet container ... the wet container pulls things down into the blades, the dry container blows them up out of the blades. So if you were blending almonds, the wet container would be best for almond butter, while the dry container would be best for almond flour.

For the wet containers, in addition to the 64oz tall (standard container), they make a 32oz and a 48oz. Also, there is a 64oz short that I do not think is available to purchase separately, it only comes with the Next Generation machines. In the dry, there is only the 32oz. Most any of the shorter containers are better for sitting under your cabinets. I think you can get any additional container for $100 within 30 days of your VM purchase.

Note: this is all information I learned & saved from others. My machine is not this newest model.

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Vitamix is great, but I did return mine and got a Blendtec, which has presets and is cheaper. I posted my experience here: .

Can't go wrong with either though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Another Vitamix thread

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Thanks everyone so far. Still researching and deciding while I wait for a clean Amex.

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duplicate post, ugh

This post was edited by angela12345 on Tue, Jun 25, 13 at 21:55

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By the way, If you decide to order your Vitamix from the mfg, I can get free shipping for you. They also have a great deal where you can get a 'reconditioned' machine and save a ton. I think these are machines that have been returned under their 30 day guarantee. They come with brand new containers, lids, tampers, etc. Go to the Vitamix website (, and hover over Shop Products, then click on Specials towards the right to see the reconditioned units. You can click on each one to read about them. I can get free shipping for you whether it is a new or reconditioned unit. Email me from "My Page" above. Either way, you will love it !!

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Thanks Angela! I responded to your email. I hope you received. Don't want you to think I'm rude! Appreciate it, but I think I'm good on shipping. Will definitely check out the refurbished ones? Why not?!

I guess I'm just concerned about the whole "new model" thing. Like with cars, and some tech, it's usually unwise to buy the first new run of something. In all my research I haven't found many unhappy with 750. But it's only been a year.

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We got a Blendtec for Christmas two years ago. We love it so much, we got a second one for our condo at the beach. My sister is borrowing it, while we renovate. It's my baby, so I sent it with a video and strict instructions about cleaning it properly! LOL! She wanted to try it out before making the $400 investment. I do love it. The pre-sets and the recipe book are key. We are so much healthier now. I love the smoothies with fruit, (kale or spinach), and protein.

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I have the 5000 from Costco from a few years back. I do love it and use it nearly every day. I would highly suggest getting another container--the shorter one so that it fits under your counter easily. That is the one I keep on my machine and pull out the taller one (from my cupboard) only when I make tortilla soup or a large quantity of a recipe. I do drool over the newer VM with the presets. I do not think you can go wrong with any VM.

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Okay! I got off the fence and our new 750 arrives tomorrow! So excited. What to make first? Must find a good gazpacho recipe.

Thanks everyone!

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There's a good gazpaco recipe in the VM cookbook. I add a handful of bread crumbs and half a jalapeño.

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Congrats Pirula! Where did you order it from. Amazon has it and there are some sellers on ebay as well. I think I am going to get the 750 as DH and DD like the idea of presets for smoothie and cleaning :) I do need the small wet and the dry containers.

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Pirula - welcome to the ABVM alumni club. Check out my recent post Help me like my new vitamix for useful help from GW peeps have fun!

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Ha ha! Thanks! I think I've read every thread/review here, on chowhound, e gullet, amazon, you name it.

GWlolo I got it from Amazon. I'm all about Prime. : )

Will look for that gazpacho recipe. This will be all new to me, I've never been much of a blender because I've always hated our old one. Hoping my tween son will get into smoothies. And I adore soups all year round.

I've been put on Furhman diet for my lovely high blood pressure. This machine should help a lot!

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Just a quick follow up to day that I want to marry this thing!

It's really terrific, and has been a huge help in this restrictive diet I'm on. The soup feature is AMAZING!

Thanks again all!

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Pirula - resonating with your joy! :-)

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