Quietest inline range hood - 600 CFM + for an induction stovetop

auroraborelisJune 24, 2013

I've widdled down through my list of kitchen decisions and I keep avoiding what I find to be the most difficult one - the range hood! I have spent hours reading old posts, reviews on other sites, and calculating the CFMs I need, and I'm no closer to a decision. However the ducting is going in TOMORROW and I need to narrow down what I needed ASAP.

I have two main needs, something quiet, and something that works well. We have a 36" Bosch induction stovetop and often stirfry or pan fry fish and we want something that will work to wisk away the smell and grease.

Our kitchen is 14x19, and the venting will have two 90 degree turns and a total of about 24" of ducting till it gets out the roof.

What do you all recommend?

Oh, as for budget - I'm underbudget on the rest of my appliances by $3000 (some great sales) so I'm not really concerned with the cost of the range hood. If there is something great that meets my needs that is affordable that is fantastic, if I need to go with a wolf or some other high end option that is acceptable.

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Tradewind is a wonderful option. I have used mine for stirfry and deep fry for 7 years ,Quiet and easy to clean . I have posted numerous pics and did so on another thread the other day. They have many options on their website. There are several GW folks that have them and love them. Mine looks like it is just out of the box after 7 years and so do my cabs. Make sure you get enough extra cfm to make up for the turns and also so that you have "more bang for your buck". You want to have more so you can run it on a lower setting. Hope that makes sense. I would be glad to answer more questions and post pics. c

Here is a link that might be useful: Tradewind liner

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Look at Imperial. Made in US with 7 yr warranty. You can buy through a few sites including build.com

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I really like my Kobe Chx series hood so far. Very quiet on low (something like 1.5 sones), which is great for light cooking, and over 600 CFM on high (I think the newest models top 700 IIRC) which is great for smoke. On high, before it was hooked to the vent, it could force my soft close doors away from the frame, even with no middle rail.

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Congratulations on your savvy shopping! "works well" is a function of CFMs but also of capture area. Quiet is a function of baffle vs mesh, motor noise, motor placement, and duct size.
Are you going with chimney style, or will your cabinets be built/modified to hide the ducting? Do you have room for a wider than 36" hood (you get better capture).
If I could've used a chimney style, I think I would've gotten the zephyr savona. http://zephyronline.com/products/essentials_europa/savona_wall
If I didn't get a deal through my GC on Kobe, I would've probably gone with a Tradewind liner. I also considered Costco hoods, but there aren't many reviews on them.
Good luck! My vent shopping and final choice had a very low fun/expense ratio, I hope you do better!

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I'm realizing I need more than 600... closer to or over 1000.

How does duct size effect noise?

We are going with a chimney style hood, and I just took a guess and told our contractor to put in a 10" duct, looks like it is required for most hoods with a higher CFM.

I'm going with chimney style, and I've been reading a lot about fantech inline fans with a silencer, but I'm wondering if then I have to pair it with a modernaire hood?

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No you can see everything you need on the Tradewind web site. They have detailed pics with each piece labeled and the use of said piece defined. I learned everything I needed to know about hoods on their site. I have the inline silencer and also the neoprene pieces at joints. This greatly reduces noise . 10" is what you need for duct. The actual air is what makes noise so you reduce that as much as possible which is why you want baffles and large duct, Also it is why you want "more" rather than less cfm so you can run it on less and get more :)

I have a 54" 1400 cfm mounted 33" over our 36" gas Caldera and Miele deep fat fryer. Their total space is 54" too. Due to the size of the hood and the cfm I didn't need to go any extra inches. The capture is perfect as it is. You don't have to go wider than your 36"either if you don't want to ...mount it at the proper height and get a good hood and you are set. Remember to turn it on 5-10 min before you start to cook to get the air flowing and then leave it on for that same time at the end to get it all out.

Here is the other thread with my pics and a link to the other discussion with more pics. c

Here is a link that might be useful: Tradewind hood pics

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The tradewind folks (and their GW fans including trailrunner) are great. But I haven't seen where they make a chimney style hood.

I'm not sure you (or I) actually need more than 600 cfm - people with hoods capable of 1000+ cfm never use the highest speed. And inspectors are starting to enforce make-up air provisions, so you want to read up on that and whether it affects you. Consider how big your kitchen is, do you really need to expel all the air in a 10 x 10 area in one minute? How much fish do you fry at one time, in how wide a pan? As trailrunner said, an important thing is to start the fan before you start to cook in order to set up the air pattern.

Kobe has very quiet chimney style hoods with low sones for all speeds. http://www.koberangehoods.com/product/wall_mount.html

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kk...you are right..they don't do chimney style. At least they do have a ton of info so the po can increase her knowledge about ventilation. Sorry laura.

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I realized I need more CFM due to the run of ducting - 4' up to the ceiling, 90 degree turn, 7' straight, 90 degree turn and then approx. 14' straight up through the roof.

From what I can gather all Kobe hoods have internal blowers, and we really want an inline...So while they are quiet, I think it is possible to get one even quieter with a silencer and inline.

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I love that zepher one as well - but it has an internal blower... :(

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At the beginning of my planning, I was sure I wanted a remote blower. But several people I talked with said technology has improved so much that it really isn't much of an advantage, and there are some disadvantages in terms of cost and accessibility (and future repair and replacement). Of course your situation may be different, please post about your decision and results. That sounds like a long duct run, it might be an important factor.

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You need a 10in duct for the bigger CFM hoods. We have some hearing issues in the family and having a quiet hood was important. We did a remote roof mounted Abakka with a muffler/quiet kit to make it even quieter. If you separte the hood (the smoke capture device with baffles light etc., from the actual motor, some additional choices open up.

updated to say that our hood is 1600CFM over a gagg 36in induction and a gas wok unit (22000 btus)

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I have 10" duct, so we are all set on that front.

GWlolo - what hood do you have that paired with? I like the idea of the Abakka or the fantech inline, but I don't want to pay the premium for a moderaire hood.

What other hoods could I pair either of those blowers with?

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Best by Broan has a few hoods that work with remote blowers. There's at least one chimney-style one that I was considering before I decided to splurge on ModernAire.

I ended up with an Abbaka 1400cfm roof-mounted blower. The hood hasn't arrived yet -- and the electricity isn't hooked up anyway -- so I can't tell you how quiet or loud it is. But it seems very well built, so I'm optimistic. 1400cfm will be serious overkill for my 36" induction except for when I'm wok'ing, so I should be able to run the blower at a very low (and quiet) speed most of the time.

For anyone considering ModernAire: they have long lead times. Almost two months. I waited too long to order mine, and now my contractor is having to do some work-arounds to make things safe -- no wires hanging out of the wall -- so we can get permission to hook up the electricity to the house. I should have ordered about a month earlier, but some medical issues intervened. And I was having trouble deciding on the color. I ended up with "sapphire blue", which should coordinate well with my countertops and pendant lights. I hope :-)

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lwerner, I can't wait to see what you ordered! I'm going fairly simple, stainless steel canopy. There are a few other options I like, but I'm not brave enough to take the plunge!

I wish you had yours up!

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