Swag light over dining table

candfJune 8, 2012

I remember seeing a picture some time ago of someone who had a chandelier with a lamp hook and swag chain over their kitchen table so they would be able to center it. Does anyone have any pictures of how that would look?

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I don't have any pictures but many people have success using the search feature on the houzz web site or google images . . just in case no one posts a picture.

I don't know how to link a previous post but you can try searching this: Not Centering The Dining Table Under The Light Fixture? There are no pictures but people sharing their similar issue.

FWIW, I can't have the table in the center of the room myself since you have to walk through the DR to get into the kitchen but the light fixture is smack in the middle of the ceiling which I guess is really where it belongs. Whilst I would love some chandys, DH insists on ceiling fans because we don't have a/c. If I ever finish the kitchen, I want to do some work in the dining room and was thinking of a way to add a banquette (sp?). In that case I would probably do the swag thing to get the light (at that time I would insist on ditching the fan to get a chandy) over the table.

Good luck!

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Candf, I was hoping you would get some repsonses and I'm looking for these photos too. Maybe if this gets bumped up more will post with some photos/ideas.

catlover5, I also have the similiar dilemma. I might start another tread about this.

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I have done that, putting the screw in hook over the table and draping the light chain over the hook to reposition the light. Can you have someone hold he light over the table so you can see the effect of the draped chain?

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