White kitchen spotted in my neighborhood!!!

LinelleJune 16, 2013

I was taking a walk this afternoon and followed signs to an open house. It's not actually my immediate neighborhood, about 1/2 mile away, but somewhat similar to mine in age of houses and value. It had been nicely prepped for sale, new paint, floors, bathrooms updated.

The kitchen was very white. The old golden oak cabs had been brush painted...which made the gaps between the partial overlay doors all the more obvious. There was no hardware on the doors or drawers. I said to the realtor that it would look really good if they added some hardware. She said, oh uh huh. Then I looked up and saw the humongous fluorescent box covering most of the ceiling. I said, you need to get rid of that. She ignored me. I couldn't help myself.

It was a white kitchen though.

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I guess not all whites are equal:)

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I've seen the same kitchen recently --- with paint drops or maybe tears.

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Oh, and marble countertops and a barrier island. However, it looks great on pictures, not so much IRL

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@ CAGiselle: LOLOLOL! Well played.

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