Any experience with Magic Spicer?

mudwormJune 11, 2013

I've read a few spice organization threads on GW, People usually store them in drawers, in pantry, behind a cabinet door, or on the counter, etc. What I really want is to have them lined up right under my range hood against the wall, so they are readily available for grab and off the countertop. Since there is a wide rim under the range hood, I don't think grease will be a real issue. However, I hesitate to build a shelf there that goes across the 36" range hood width, becayse I don't want to fasten the shelf to the wall (backsplash) or the cabinets on both sides. What if the next owner does not want the shelf there!

Then I stumbled upon Magic Spicer (here is one review).

Does anyone use them? Or even better, use them under the range hood? Is the magnets strong enough for hold the bottles (long term)? Do the bottles work well?

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Heat and light are enemies of dried spices. Putting them under the range hood is a bad idea.

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Dang, I thought this was a thread about magic herbs ;>

+1 what bluedevil said. Unless you only keep a few items there that you go through quickly, like salt and red pepper flakes.

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You could put the magnetic strips under your upper cabinets so they hang next to the range.

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Good point about light and heat. I'm not sure how much heat it'll be exposed to since the hood is sucking the steam, but light could be a concern. Now, I have a rotating spice rack in a cabinet next to the hood. It's a choice between convenience and best quality (of the spices).

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