Need Help on Choosing Appliances

rjremodelJune 15, 2013

Our remodel is essentially a new build and we require all new appliances and fixtures. We are in the framing stage and I'm being asked to make appliance decisions soon
Except for the fridge, these will be my first new appliances in 30 years. I'm considering the following with reasons why) and would input on reliability, functionality, quiet (since it's an open floor plan) and service responsiveness from others on GW to help me make the final choice.

I am not tied to all matching appliances. Prefer the best in each category.


We mainly cook for just the two of us, or small groups. But we do plan to do holidayand other celebratory entertaining.

INDUCTION COOKTOP - considering the Thermador 36"Freedom (put-pot-anywhere) so that we can use larger pots or a large teppanyaki-type pan as a griddle. I know its very new so I haven't seen many posts on its reliability or functionality. OR a Miele or Wolf 5-hob induction cooktop. I have always had gas in the past but love what I've seen/read about induction.

COMBI-STEAM OVEN - This will probably be one of the most-used appliances. We eat a lot of fresh veges, grains, poultry, some fish. Thinking we would cook veges and grains in the combi-steam rather than the cooktop. Considering Wolf or Miele because they are the largest capacity. Would love input on pros-cons of both.

30" SINGLE WALL OVEN - Read a lot of positives on GW about the Electrolux Wave Touch and am going to see one today. Also considering Miele (but the comments about temperature variances are a concern) and Wolf (but the comments about porcelain flaking is a concern). This will be the least used appliance probably. My DH wants a 30" for turkeys or multiple meat loafs. I'm not much of a baker, but could get inspired. Any input on these 3 or other suggestions. We could possibly get a GE Oven at a very deep discount through a friend. What's everyone's thoughts on GE's functionality, reliability, service and differences between their models?

DISHWASHER - strongest contender is Miele Dimension. Seems to have best comments. Don't think I need to go all the way up to the Diamond but would love your thoughts. Wondering about Miele vs. Bosch.

COUNTER-DEPTH 36" FRENCH DOOR REFRIGERATOR - leaning toward Sub-Zero for the dual compressors and positive comments about produce lasting for a longer time (We eat a lot of produce). Have seen some problems with SZ on GW.
Thermador/Gagg/Miele top shelves are too tall for me. Haven't looked much at other brands. Is SZ worth the splurge?

MICROWAVE - use primarily for steaming frothed milk. so my little old GE tucked in lower slot or an appliance garage will be fine.

Thanks! Looking forward to your feedback! I'll be returning again I'm am sure with fixture and design questions.

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You probably saw this thread on Appliances, but in case you didn't, here's the scoop on the Thermador Freedom Induction. It includes two in-depth reviews, one from an owner and one from trying it at a store. For the 36', some people think it's better value just to get the 5 burners - can only use 4 pots at a time on the Freedom. Depends on what your specific needs are, of course.

Here is a link that might be useful: Freedom induction reviews

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I have to work with the existing space for a built in microwave and so it has to fit a 27 inch opening. It has been challenging to find a microwave with a trim kit for this size opening.

Has anyone worked with MicroTrim or a similar place to have a custom trim made?

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I've got the Thermador Freedom cooktop sitting in a box at the house waiting to be installed next Monday. I ordered it after having a chance to use one at a local store that had it set up. I was very impressed. It's so nice to be able to put pots anywhere, and to use big pans or griddles and have the bottom heated evenly.

The only disadvantage I saw was that it only handles 4 pots at once. I don't think I've ever needed that many at one time, so I decided not to worry about it. If I ever need to do that, I'll find some sort of steel / aluminum griddle, set it on one side of the cooktop, and treat it as a French top. :-)

After I move in and get a chance to use the thing for real, I'll post a report. Probably in 4 to 6 weeks. (My contractor is saying 3 weeks, but I don't believe him.)


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Most of my appliances aren't in the same league as what you are considering, but when we decided to replace the DW mid-remodel I wanted to get the very best one we could without spending money just to spend money. I was almost convinced to get a Miele due to all the glowing reviews. What sold me on the Bosch was there were no Miele dealers, let alone experienced service people within several hundred miles and I am near a large city. Bosch is sold at every Lowes and Sears near me. We went with a 500 series since we were adding a whole house water softener and the cost of the 800 plus vs the 500 didn't seem worth it. Time will tell on durability, but so far it cleans light years better than the few year old Whirlpool Gold it replaced.

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If you get the Elux Wave Touch oven, you may want to consider the 36" Elux IQ Touch Counter Depth French Door Fridge with Perf. Temp Drawer. Your handles would match that way if you didn't want to panel your fridge. HTH

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I just went through this process and after doing my homework and reading on this site here is what I chose:
Miele Master Chef Oven - we really wanted the rotisserie feature and just liked it the best overall since I am a baker.
Miele Warming Drawer - they are all about the same in price and I really liked the open sides on this one.
LG Microwave - only one that comes with a melt setting which I will use a lot. We did not get the built in version because it seemed silly to pay so much more when you get the same exact oven. There is a company called MicroTrim that will custom make the trim you need and they did a great job.
We are keeping the current top of the line Kitchen Aid Dishwasher that was already in the kitchen in this home we bought. It does a better job than the previous two Bosch dishwashers we have owned.
We chose the Thermador Freedom Column Refrigerator and Freezer since we have to split the location. I know there are a lot of fans of Sub Zero but my experience with them has not been good and the existing one in this home makes ice on the back wall of the refrigerator side and the ice is usually a clumped mess in the ice maker.
We kept the Dacor smooth cook top as it works great.
We do an unusual confederation on our oven stack with the oven at the top, microwave in the middle and warming drawer at the bottom. This works great because the heavy items are always in the oven plus it's easy to see what's happening when I am using it.

Right now we are trying to replace our granite which is difficult because the existing cabinets are a high gloss soft green with grey blue undertones. I would not have chosen them but they are way too expensive and too well fitted out inside to replace. Trying to decided between Golden Lightening and Fantasy Black granite. Also love Sea Pearl but it is very hard to find in the number of slabs needed.
Hope this helsp.

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I was looking to get a Miele DW, but decided on the Bosch 800 series due to it's energy/water usage. No regrets, I love it.

I have a CD Electrolux Icon all-fridge and it does a great job keeping the produce fresh. I only wish there were two levels of those drawers in mine, because we eat a TON of fresh food. It gets rotated quickly. Very happy with this, too.

My oven is a 27" Gaggenau and it's wonderful. I got it used on ebay. Meile's Masterchef was seriously considered, but I got a deal. No regrets. I think in Gagg's case, the discontinued 27" and 30" have the same interior dimensions.
If the combi-steam and wall oven are going to be together, I'd lean towards the same brand if all things were almost equal.

Is Wolf's porcelain issue from Rhome410's experience? Keep in mind, that their appliances are used HEAVILY. Weekly very high temp cooking and use not the norm for a lot of families. She really liked them, otherwise.

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Other Wolf ovens that had porcelain problems were not used "Heavily", as Rhome's was.

Do a search at the bottom of the main appliance page for "Wolf Ovens" or "Wolf oven porcelain".


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