Final Kitchen Pictures- Thank you Gardenweb!

superpoutyduckJune 11, 2014

It's been just under a year since our kitchen was complete. I, like many of you, spent hundreds of hours on this website prior to the design and subsequent completion of our kitchen. A special thanks to everyone for the following features that would not have been in our kitchen without your input:

Thank you to Bellsmom for her overall design help. When people ask who designed our kitchen and I try and take credit, my wife interjects with "Bellsmom"! You probably don't even remember, but we went with your changes and final layout.

Kitchen features that are thanks to Gardenweb:

1. Pressure switch garbage disposals
2. Two sinks
3. Defined work areas
4. Convection oven
5. Induction stove stop
6. Actual hood over range (not microhood)
7. Under cabinet lighting
8. Under cabinet electrical sockets (Adorne)
9. White shaker cabinets with slab top drawers

  1. Farm style sink
  2. Deeper counters
  3. Never MT soap dispenser
  4. Tapmasters on both sinks
  5. London Grey / London Gray Caesarstone Cabinets
  6. Deeper upper cabinets
  7. Knife block drawer
  8. Spice drawer
  9. Drawers instead of lower cabinets

My only regrets and changes looking back are that I would have had my electrician use the lights that come with the under cabinet sockets (LeGrande Adorne) instead of allowing them to use LED light strips. Our cats had to learn not to pull down the light strips.

The other thing is now I'm wondering if I don't like inset cabinets more. I think I went with non-inset cabinets to avoid losing space. I think I'd switch if I could. Maybe not. It's hard to remember my original reasoning.

Here's some photos. The final comparison photo is our kitchen at 99% completion; the range hood wasn't quite in, and the under cabinet trim wasn't in, so the power strips are visible.

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Very pretty. Did you raise the ceiling height or is that just a result of the lighter colors? Details please.

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Looks great! Congrats! Very pretty and I love the cabinets with the glass doors.

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What a beautiful kitchen! I love how it all came together. What brand of subway tile did you use and what color grout? You hit the exact right combination - it's stunning with the Caesarstone!

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Bluerdgddrs- I think in large part it's from getting rid of the box lights, we kept the width and height the same on the kitchen.

Jerzeegirl- I will get the names, hopefully tonight.

Thanks all :)

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WOW...that is one extremely improved kitchen!!! New kitchen is really beautiful!

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Very pretty and tranquil! I, too, love the subway tiles with the light grey grout ... the perfect amount of contrast.

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Really pretty. The London Grey looks great with your backsplash & paint color. Love the glass cabinets. Two tapmasters? I'm jealous. Lots of drawers, I know your loving those. From your list, you made excellent choices!

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Beautiful kitchen! It looks so much bigger. What are the dimensions of your kitchen? What is the length of the wall with the smaller sink and what is the countertop width between the stove and the small sink? What's the width of the small sink? I have a similar layout and it would be helpful to know the dimensions (a floor plan would help). How deep did you end up making your countertops and upper cabinets?


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Gorgeous! It looks much improved. Lots of wonderful things, do you have a favorite feature yet?

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Looks great! A world of difference.

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Beautiful. I love the paint color, it looks nice with the tile and grout.

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Congratulations! Your CS London Grey looks great with the cabinets and tile -- you nailed the color selection of those two, which is tough to do. The paint color really complements the CS as well (I remember anxiously awaiting my samples)

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Love the dark gray walls! Is that a window seat to the right of the microwave?

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Beautiful, it looks so airy and fresh!

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Wonderful improvements. I love the floor and the colour scheme.

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Gorgeous! Can I ask what hardware you used?? It's beautiful.

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Love it. It looks like you painted behind the upper cabinets? I really like that!

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I love how much more open it is now :)

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What a difference. Taking out the two peninsula ends and the overhanging cabinets have opened it up so much (Oh and of course getting rid of the box-light)

It's beautiful.

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Beautiful! Love the colors, the sink, the glass cabs, everything. Can you please tell me what the floors are??

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Really fresh and lovely! I didn't think I liked Caesarstone but it sure looks wonderful in your kitchen which makes me worried that I should have considered Quartz. Things look so different when complete as compared to small samples and that is what makes this forum sooooo helpful!

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Hi everyone, thanks for the questions and comments. Still looking for my remodel file to get y'all specific names and brands. Hopefully this weekend.

athomesewing- Probably the Tapmasters. So convenient, and I have still never been to another house that had them.

gooster- Paint credit goes to my wife, it was her pic. I argued for a different color... Her choice was clearly better. We tried around 30 samples...

edb2n- Yes it is. And a favorite perch of the cats and our toddler!

firsthouse_mp- Yes we did. Had the whole kitchen re textured and painted while it was gutted.

momof3kids_pa- The flooring is actually a commercial grade vinyl plank! I know *gasp* vinyl! Extremely easy on the feet and back, comes with a lifetime warranty, and doesn't require glue to be put down; in case of a kitchen flood it can be pulled up and reinstalled later. Doesn't chip or dent, and has been gentle on our dropped dishes, which are not infrequent with a "helpful" toddler in the house. We have laminate and 50's red oak hardwood in the house... And this is far and away our favorite.

BirchPoint- it all comes down to personal preference, there's no right or wrong. What I will say though is that when we had our first dinner party, some red wine and pomegranate juice was spilled accidentally and not caught until the next morning; one wipe with water and a paper towel, no staining.

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Thank you SO much for the compliment. It made me glow.
And so does your kitchen. What a lovely place to work.
So many good choices here that I can't begin to list them.
Don't you love the deep upper cabs?

Happy cooking!!

Sandra/aka Bellsmom

This post was edited by Bellsmom on Fri, Jun 13, 14 at 22:11

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