Bluestar rangetop: Space behind drawers below

Ott2June 6, 2013

I am considering changing my planned Bluestar range to a rangetop, which means a cabinet change as well. We are in the process of finalizing our cabinet order. This is for a new build and cabinets are custom.

The cabinet guy says he typically leaves 6 inches behind drawers under a rangetop to accommodate gas lines, etc. I don't want to have any more dead space than necessary behind the drawers under the rangetop as I would rather have any extra space IN the drawers. The gas line is not very big, and it's agains the wall. The electrical outlet is just off of the floor where it needed to be for a range installation. Is there something going on back there that requires 6" of space that I'm not thinking of? I'm sure he will listen when I talk, but I don't want to talk him into a bad idea. Also don't want to sacrifice drawer depth/space because of what is typically done in other applications.

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6" seems a big waste of space. The Bluestar doesn't need that much. For any gas appliance, there is a requirement for a shut off valve on the gas line near the appliance. You might need a little additional space behind one of the drawers to accomodate that, if it isn't put low (in the area behind the kick plate, but it wouldn't need 5" and just part of the drawer back could be bumped in for it.

The gas line connection is 2" from the back of the range and the electrical is 1 1/8" from the back of the range. 3" at the back of the cabinet will provide plenty of space for them. Drawings are in the manual that I've linked to.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rangetop manual

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My cabinet guy said he made the drawers the usual depth. I think he said 22" deep under my BS rangerop.

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I have a CC rangetop. My cab maker made the two deep drawers under it the usual depth. The rangetop went in without issue. Then, months later when I was having my burners adjusted to run cooler, I found out the the gas regulator was not installed. When that was installed, my top drawer doesn't quite shut all the way. Next time my cab maker comes, he'll fix my drawer. It only sticks out about 3/4" or so. Six inches seems like a lot of wasted space.

Does the BS have a gas regulator?

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Breezygirl, Cloud_swift, and Peke,

Thank you! Between the three of you, you have armed me with enough knowledge and real-life experience to have this conversation with my cabinet guy. I think he will do a great job on my cabinets, but he has a lot of "habits" that I am kind of breaking on behalf of GW. One more habit to break: No more 6" dead space behind drawers under rangetops!

One more related (probably dumb) question in case any of you read this: Does the back of a cabinet go all the way to the floor, or is there something similar to a toe kick on the backside of the cabinet?

Thanks again, Ott2

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