Sterling silver tarnishing in dishwasher...didn't before??!!

ilovemyrosesJune 12, 2013

I have always run my everyday sterling silver through the dishwasher. For years!! And have used liquid Cascade.

Recently I switched to the little gel pack pods of Cascade, and all my silver has violently (!) tarnished??!!

It never had before, and I am just wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing??

Yes, I know hand washing is preferred, but this is just ordinary patterned hand-me -down stuff that I do prefer, as opposed to the stainless steel, and I know that if I couldn't dishwasher it, I wouldn't use it.

HELP!! thanks!

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Not with silver (haven't used it lately), but yes, I have noticed this with the cascade complete powder and stainless steel. All my stainless is coming out very slightly tarnished and it never did before. Our water here hasn't changed, so I'm guessing something in Cascade did.

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All detergents changed when the government required them to remove the phosphates. You might try a different detergent - many of us prefer Finish Quantum.

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But weissman, that was years ago. I'm talking about a change between the previous box and the current one.

Finish is not available where I live, but thanks for the suggestion.

EDIT And I should mention that for me, my stainless flatware is fine. It's kitchen utensils that are discoloring now.

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Do the pods have lemon or citrus added? I know that's bad for stainless; don't know about sterling since I never use a "flavored" DW detergent.

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I've noticed the same thing with my grandmother's old silver plate, which I use for everyday and never thought of as sterling. I just got a new Bosch DW and have used Finish Quantum a couple of times (came free with the DW), but since I have a large supply of Cascade Complete from Costco (and which the DW installer said is fine to use) I've mostly been using that.

So, same water, same detergent, yet a definite darkening of the silverware. Is the Bosch punishing me for pre-rinsing and not putting truly filthy dishes into its torture chamber? Back in the day, I had to abandon using something like 7th Generation because it turned all the silverware black.

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Dang it! I just bought another box of this stuff. I will see if Finish Quantum is available in dallas. Such a pain. No lemon, btw. Thx all

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Don't know if this will help, but I read somewhere ? not to place silver and stainless next to each other in the dishwasher. I am assuming that meant not in the same basket. Give that a try and see if it makes a difference.

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Just unloading silver, china and crystal from a luncheon yeasterday. Half of a Method grapefruit-rose Smarty tab. Sparkling clean and great fragrance -- no chemical smell. For heavy soil loads with pots and pans I use 1 Finish Quantum.

Walmart has the Quantum and Target has the Method. Amazon has Method. Dump the Cascade. Life's too short.

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I love the Method grapefruit tabs also. But how the heck do you break them in half?

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"But weissman, that was years ago."

Not everywhere.

There is no way to tell what changes the manufacturer might have made.

Some formulations of the 'no phosphate' detergents have been pretty bad.

I would bet money the manufacturers are trying to make them perform like they used to.

New things create new problems.

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Kitchen or garden shears. Or Chinese cleaver works. Surprised how easily they cut. Good discounts with 3-packs from amazon or Cut a bag at a time and keep the pieces in a plastic jar. Use whole ones for big loads.

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Any input on Seventh Generation? It's one of the few available easily to me that gets a good rating from EWG.

EDIT I don't care for their sink dishwashing soap, no matter how good it's supposed to be for the environment, which is why I ask.

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Rococo, how is your silverware faring? I wonder if it's darkened, as some of ours has, that you have to manually polish it and then go from there. Is there actually a DW detergent that will undo the darkening?

Writer, years ago I used Seventh Generation liquid because it made me feel good about the environment. However my silver went to hell so I stopped. That was a good 7-8 years ago.

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Darn. Thanks, linelle.

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Linelle, I've always kept mine in the silver-cloth rolls in came in. I don't do much polishing -- they seem to be pretty good.

Silver can tarnish/corrode in contact with table salt, of course. While there are string of sodium-this and sodium thats in the Method tabs ingredient list, it all came out sparkling. I do use china/crystal cycle so nothing is being washed for a very long time or in water above lukewarm. May make a difference.

When in doubt (like with my gold-rim dishes) I do a load without adding detergent. I was surprised that things got just as clean LOL.

No idea about the others. I'm not a fan of powders.

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Rococo, do you use the china/crystal cycle for everything? I don't have that option on my DW, but since I'm regressing back to being a pre-rinser, I probably don't need a lot of detergent, a very high temperature or long cycle, for that matter.

Hello, I'm Linelle, and I'm a Pre-Rinser. Sue me.

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Ooh, interesting thought.....Do you have hard water? Do you use a water softener? I believe that some of them, and some dishwashers made for hard water areas, use salt as a softener. . . Maybe that's having an effect?

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